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  1. hyperfighting

    Amd 3600 to 5600

    In a similar dilemma, have an X370 based motherboard that has recently had a BIOS update to support 5000 series processors. Feel the itch to upgrade to either a 5900 or the 58003D, but not sure how much of a percentage improvement I am likely to see. Or do I just wait for Zen4 and upgrade the...
  2. hyperfighting

    *** The Official Takeaway Voucher Code Thread ***

    T&C`s are similar to your offer, £10 off for next 5 orders, minimum order needs to be £20. Ok if your ordering for family, otherwise too much food as an individual.
  3. hyperfighting

    *** The Official Takeaway Voucher Code Thread ***

    SPRINGTREAT10 just came through from Ubereats. Might be account specific, though. It's worth a try.
  4. hyperfighting

    New Trainers

    A recent addition to the collection, my first Air Force 1`s image hosting
  5. hyperfighting

    This is getting ridiculous (energy prices)

    Here`s mine from Shell Energy, an eyewatering increase for a family of 6. Could I do better shopping around or are all suppliers like this ? I was moved by Ofgem to Shell when my previous supplier went bust last year.
  6. hyperfighting

    Who was your teenage crush?

    Pheobe Cates was mine.
  7. hyperfighting

    Google Pixel 6

    An impressive list of fixes by google for the Pixel range of phones. Personally, I am moving back to my Apple device as my daily driver. Have been using the Pixel 6 since release day but found its modem slightly poor compared to even...
  8. hyperfighting

    AMD Accelerated Data Center Premiere Keynote @16:00 UK Time Today (Reminder)

    3rd gen Infinity Architecture sounds impressive...
  9. hyperfighting

    New Trainers

    New pair of trainers to add to the collection... Nike Air Max Terrascape
  10. hyperfighting

    Google Pixel 6

    Pixel 6 arrived today, is set up and is ready to go with a Spigen case.
  11. hyperfighting

    Google Pixel 6

    I went for the Cyber Edition Pixel 6 case. Getting my phone on 26th Oct. The case will be here at some point Nov. Hopefully will not scratch it up before then.
  12. hyperfighting

    New Trainers

    Running out of space here also :) Have plenty of the original TN`s in various colourways. Still on the lookout for pair of Hyperblues, Killer whales and hates. hard to find a reasonably priced seller.
  13. hyperfighting

    New Trainers

    New kicks to add to the collection.
  14. hyperfighting

    If you work from home what do you do?

    In a nutshell, involved at a technical level in setting up and making sure diagnostic facilities within NHS and private hospitals keep on working. MRI/CT/Xray/PETCT/Ultrasound/Audiology etc.. and all the workflow around this keeps ticking until it reaches your GP.
  15. hyperfighting

    New Trainers

    Recent additions to the collection... wish I had more feet :)
  16. hyperfighting

    New Trainers

    Recent additions to the swoosh collection..
  17. hyperfighting

    CPU History

    6510 (C64) M68000 (Amiga) M68020 (Amiga) Pentium 3 800 Coppermine Pentium 150 Pentium 233mmx Duron 800 Athlon 1400 Thunderbird Athlon XP 1600+ Palomino Athlon XP 2100+ Throughbred Athlon XP 3000 Barton Opteron 144 SledgeHammer Phenom II X6 1055T Thuban Phenom II X6 1100T Athlon 64 3000+...
  18. hyperfighting

    Ryzen 5000 Comes to X370 via Leaked ASRock Taichi Alpha BIOS

    If official, hope other manufacturers jump on the band wagon..
  19. hyperfighting

    Google Pixel 5

    Photo taken with an iPhone 11 pro. I think I have a condition where I get bored fairly quickly with phones and gadgets generally, so always need the next thing for a fix.. there must be a medical term for this.
  20. hyperfighting

    *** The Official iPhone 12 (12 mini/12/12Pro/12Pro Max) Thread ***

    Went for the following two cases for my iPhone 12: Caseology Nano Pop Case PITAKA iPhone 12 Ultra Thin and Light Aramid FiberCase One offers better drop protection, the other looks very minimal and low profile.
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