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  1. HankScorpio

    **** Original Starcraft 2 Thread ****

    I haven't had a gaming pc for years and about to buy a laptop. Looking forward to reinstalling this.
  2. HankScorpio

    **** Original Starcraft 2 Thread ****

    anybody here still playing? I used to play high platinum low diamond but have been away years. what is the multiplayer scene like now?
  3. HankScorpio

    Median crawler e10.. any good?

    I've seen this laptop for £550 just wanted to know if it's any good. Has anybody got one? Need a laptop to do some invoices for a business I've recently set up and I'm down a sliding path of...ohh an extra £100 I am get a gaming laptop.. There's also the Lenovo Ideapad Pro 16 for 600??? I'm...
  4. HankScorpio

    Spec me a £150 ish phone

    I've just got the sony Xa2 after my Z5c broke. It's about 170 on the rainforest. Happy with it
  5. HankScorpio

    Anything better than Giffgaff goodybag?

    That is only for the smaller goodybags though. I've been on the 12 quid one for ages and it's suited me fine.
  6. HankScorpio

    **** The Official Sony Xperia™ XZ3 Thread ****

    How is the Zx1 in general? Apart from the size thinking of getting one as I do like Sony phones. Just done a quick search and argos are selling them for 199
  7. HankScorpio

    **** The Official Sony Xperia™ XZ3 Thread ****

    Is there a latest compact Xperia? My z5c is on its lasy legs and looking to get something of a similar size. Two things I hated about this z5c however are Speakers/volume out is truly horrendously bad/low Flashlight sucks But I love this size. Can't imagine using a bigger phone
  8. HankScorpio

    Amazon Prime Music versus Spotify Premium

    I get the Spotify family bundle for 15 a month and share the sub with 5 other people .just get them all to put the same home address when they sign up and it cones to 2.50 per month. Winner .
  9. HankScorpio

    First birthday present to girlfriend

    Musicals make women hummer crazy!
  10. HankScorpio

    Beggars in the UK

    Couldn't the homeless be turned into tyres? So then we'd still have homeless, but we could use them on our cars.
  11. HankScorpio

    Cobra Kai

    Just binged watched this. What an awesome show. Is it bad of me to fancy Sam? :eek:
  12. HankScorpio

    Topman release questionable t shirt

    Could you please alter your wording. The Liverpool fans did indeed run at the opposing fans, who in turn tried to escape and were killed by a crumbling collapsing wall they were penned up against. Not directly by the hands of the Liverpool fans as your posts seems to suggest.
  13. HankScorpio

    insurance renewal non-fault claim disclosure

    Around 30% I think. No wonder people are claiming all kinds of whiplash when the insurers behave like this!
  14. HankScorpio

    insurance renewal non-fault claim disclosure

    Hi all, I'm after some advice regarding my motor renewal. Early last year I was involved in a minor road accident and deemed not at fault, got my car repaired all FOC and it now says on my NCB letter 'accident/not at fault/£0' Now I'm running my renewal through the search engines and when I...
  15. HankScorpio

    Post your car and insurance price with what NCB you have

    Fiesta 1.2(57) 2 years ncb £540
  16. HankScorpio

    Car hire in Spain damaged advice

    Is there anyway that this would show up if I select no when I come to renew my quote next year?
  17. HankScorpio

    Car hire in Spain damaged advice

    Hi all just after a bit of advice I've just returned from 2 weeks in the Costa Brava. I rented a vw golf from Barca airport and about 7 days into my stay I noticed someone has damaged/hit the passenger side door while it was parked and left a note in Spanish on my windscreen. Apparently it said...
  18. HankScorpio

    The Official Hearthstone : Heroes of Warcraft Thread

    Just opened 95 packs, got 5 legendaries, 27 epics and 10 golden rares/epics/commons. Have no idea what decks to start building with my hodgepodge of cards.
  19. HankScorpio

    Intermittent PC freezing when playing video

    It's happened in VLC and while playing games too forgot to mention. I'm at the point of thinking it's a hardware issue and building a new system.
  20. HankScorpio

    Intermittent PC freezing when playing video

    Hello all, I'm having a very annoying issue and finding it difficult to pinpoint how to fix it/what's causing it. Whenever I'm playing video, usually playing web browser videos, my whole system will freeze and this lasts about 2 minutes then unfreezes. event logger does not show anything during...
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