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  1. Malicious

    Identify old pipe

    Thanks for all the comments. I had thought gas but didn’t think a gas pipe would be wrapped. The current gas meter is located on the wall outside the front of the garage. So it seems that I might be stuck with it? In that case I’ll plan around it. Close up of the top, the bracket on the right...
  2. Malicious

    Identify old pipe

    Hi all, We bought a property late last year. There is an old pipe that comes up through the garage floor that ideally needs to be removed in the near future. Can anyone identify what type of pipe this is? Thanks for the help Mal
  3. Malicious

    Post your mobile phone desktop!

    Nexus 5 New homescreen for a new phone:
  4. Malicious

    *** Nexus 5 THE Official Thread ***

    Ordered a 32gb white this morning. Dispatched this afternoon :) Should be a nice upgrade from my trusty S2
  5. Malicious

    ** Call of duty ghosts (MW4) **

    Where can I find the best deal on this? Just looking for the standard pc version. Best I have found so far is £33.99 on gamefly. cheers Mal
  6. Malicious

    *** PC Gaming - Daily Deals Thread ***

    Same here, downloading Civ 5 now :D Thanks for the tip !
  7. Malicious

    What PC games are you playing?

    Playing through Mirrors Edge. Wish I had discovered it earlier :) Tempted to play through HL2 afterwards :D
  8. Malicious

    Which of these? Intel vs AMD for Dad's PC

    Thanks for all the input. I've decided to go the Intel route, although I have switched to a different motherboard. I did consider an SSD, and if I didn't already have several HDDs sat around waiting to be used I would probably have gone for one. It's due for delivery tomorrow and should be...
  9. Malicious

    Which of these? Intel vs AMD for Dad's PC

    Building a new pc for my dad, can't decide between AMD or INTEL. I have all the other components, just need mobo, cpu and ram. Which of these do you think is the better option? Open to other suggestions as well. Usage will only include email, surfing and some minor photo editing. No gaming at...
  10. Malicious

    Halifax/Lloyds Banking

    Yep, same for me. Tried a few times and always get an error msg :(
  11. Malicious

    **** Original Starcraft 2 Thread ****

    Can't decide whether or not to get the expansion. Not played on the ladder in months, not sure sure if I like the new units or not. Think I will try some laddering at the weekend and see if the bug bites. Preferred first hots trailer, not as impressed by the latest one.
  12. Malicious

    Username amnesty

    I would like mine changed to Eleuthur if possible. thanks :)
  13. Malicious

    Post your mobile phone desktop!

    it's Clock JB
  14. Malicious

    Post your mobile phone desktop!

    Icons are these : I'm using Nova Launcher for my home screen, I think most 3rd party launchers allows you to change app icons, no root needed.
  15. Malicious

    Post your mobile phone desktop!

    Currently using this fairly simple one on my Galaxy S2:
  16. Malicious

    We wish you a Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas
  17. Malicious

    World of Warcraft - Scroll Rezz Looks like your account needs to have been inactive before march
  18. Malicious

    WIN! A Corsair Professional Series HX+ 850W '80+ Gold' Modular PSU worth £139.99!

    1. Why do you want to win a Corsair Professional Series HX+ 850W PSU? Because it's a great bit of kit that is even better when it's free :D 2. Why is the Corsair Professional Series HX+ 850W PSU so good for Overclocking? Because it has plenty of power!!!
  19. Malicious

    **** Pictures of things we bought in August 2012 ****

    new keyboard keyboard to replace my old and broken Reclusa
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