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  1. luminous


    Ooosht ordered and on its way thanks Gibbo you're a ledge :D
  2. luminous

    Help Fixing Grounding Issue (Sound Interference)

    Just in case try disabling C1E in the bios if you haven`t already i had nasty static noise at a low level from my pci soundcard which cleared up after disabling it. It`s a well known issue apparently.
  3. luminous

    Samsung 850 Pro Reviews.

    American pre-orders are in the range of $130 for the 128gb $199 for the 256gb $430 for the 512gb $729 for the 1tb
  4. luminous

    Intel Haswell Refresh Processors Codenamed Devil’s Canyon – Launching in Mid 2014 With Unlocked Desi

    Lol i expected as much but didn`t want to throw custard pies at their site until an informed opinion came in :D
  5. luminous

    Intel Haswell Refresh Processors Codenamed Devil’s Canyon – Launching in Mid 2014 With Unlocked Desi

    The plot thickens.I can`t see Intel being chuffed about this.It seems like a strange move from the motherboard makers too when you think about it, surely they`d want to maximize z97 sales?. Intel could release a microcode update to stop it like they did last year on the B85 and H87 Express...
  6. luminous

    MSI UK Offering Free Corsair H75 Cooler And Cashback With Z97 Gaming Boards

    I`d be all over that if it had at least ONE pci slot for my audiophile 2496. They have a very similar board too but with pci but it`s not in the offer. Tempted all the same tho grrr
  7. luminous

    Phanteks Releases Enthoo Pro Full Tower Chassis

    This case looks really good and packed with features i didn`t expect for £90
  8. luminous

    H440 Case Temps - My 2p

    That looks wicked man, it seems to be the perfect setup for this case and no worries at all about temperatures.
  9. luminous

    H440 Case Temps - My 2p

    For the guys who have this case, how `quiet` is it? i`m looking at this or the Fractal R4 for a Daw which is in my living room so i`d be looking for it to be quiet probably partnered with an h100i. It`s a really smart looking case but i think the look is spoiled hugely by taking off the...
  10. luminous

    NZXT H440 Special edition 3 new colours

    There are 3 new colours for the H440 but it looks like it`s exclusive to America for now.. "Los Angeles, CA – With its modern design and bold engineering, the H440 has quickly become an NZXT fan favorite. Now, NZXT is happy to announce the availability of three new special edition colors...
  11. luminous

    My current computer is a P4

    I suspect Steinberg are being cautious and any problems(if at all with hyperthreading) might occur if you try to run at insanely low latency.It wouldn`t put me off buying an i7 daw which i intend to do later. Saw this from an article "There has been alot of discussion about what is best for...
  12. luminous

    The New AM3 CPUs 710, 720 BE & 810

    Thx for the linkage will check
  13. luminous

    Fly 'sick' spots all over LCD TV!!!!!!!!

    My mate bought an electric tennis racket for the flies but he kept shocking himself:D
  14. luminous

    Got a Dell 2407,want to add another but not same

    I want to add another monitor for my music production,save closing windows all the time. Would a cheapish 22 do? i`m thinking the 2nd wouldnt need to be super hi rez when i`m fiddling with vsts etc. Any recommendations? Would it matter if res was only 1680 on 2nd one? Cheers
  15. luminous

    Spec me a budget dual core music production Daw please :)

    Hi folks Lass wants me to make a daw for her,which will be used with sx3,good bit of audio as she`s a singer as well. Basically after a base unit really unless there`s some cracking deal on. I can build the pc just want a capable rock solid platform. Requirements Core 2 duo (e2160 enough or...
  16. luminous

    Alien Versus Predator 2 **SPOILERS**

    Elements of this are cool especially the fx,the predator is an awesome beast. I think it really needed a well known actor to root for (as in alien films,predator 1&2). They really need to make another alien or predator film not both. I read James cameron was up for doing another before fox...
  17. luminous

    AMD dual core driver?

    I`ve been looking about net and seeing conflicting advice,like x2 driver is only for cool n quiet operation,and ms patch is not to be installed as well-either or. First time around i installed amd dual core optmizer and ms patch. I was beginning to think i had bought a duff x2 3800,as my usual...
  18. luminous

    laptop for £500 inc del?

    Cool,a mini review from you would be great Meatloaf :)
  19. luminous

    laptop for £500 inc del?

    Dads asked me to look for one for him,so far seen this around on sale,nice spec TOSHIBA EQUIUM A200-1VO Laptop £399 You also get a free spare battery from toshiba themselves
  20. luminous

    Wd5000aks & nf4 A8n sli premium slow

    Think its the ide samsung sp2541 holding everything up,can`t hold a candle to the wdaaks or raptor speedwise now.Time to treat myself to a new sata:)
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