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  1. thedoc46

    Road Rage

    Interesting video. Lucky no-one was killed.
  2. thedoc46

    Good simple 2 player games to play with a GF who's not really ever been into gaming?

    I have a gaming PC and a PS5. Wondering if any of you do any two player games with your other half? She's not into gaming, so it has to be something easy to pick up and immediately fun. Looking for easy to get into 2 player games.
  3. thedoc46

    Meat Loaf has passed away. RIP

    Had some great road trips singing out aloud to Meat Loaf... RIP..
  4. thedoc46


    Really catastrophic damage over in Kentucky. Worst in state history.
  5. thedoc46

    Tinnitus who suffers from it

    hang in there fellas. help is on the way. there are some drugs and treatments in the pipeline. Lots of money is being thrown at finding a cure. I like the idea of the treatments that are coming that focus on regrowing the hair in the ear, by unlocking...
  6. thedoc46

    LG 32" 32GP850-B 2560x1440 NANO IPS 165Hz 1ms FreeSync/G-Sync Compatible Widescreen Gaming Monitor

    i'm typing to you looking at one now. I love it. My biggest concern was pixel density on a 1440p screen being 32" but its absolutely fine. Go for it !
  7. thedoc46

    LG 27GP850-B

    So and i can't say i've noticed a difference but are we getting sold short on this panel not having the gsync module ? do they even do screens with the gsync modules nowadays ? is gsync now no better than freesync ? sorry been out of the picture for a couple of yrs, if that seems like a dumb...
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    LG 27GP850-B

    New to this screen. Just rec'd the 32GP850B today. I'm coming from an Asus XB270u gsync panel, which had a gsync module built in, so new to this adaptive sync option. What is the difference between 'Basic' adaptive sync, vs 'extended' adaptive sync ? my gpu is an nVidia 1080ti. Not been able...
  9. thedoc46

    *** The Official Boxing Thread ***Do Not Discuss Illegal Streams

    OK i've been living overseas for a long time now. What is public opinion of BJS in the UK? The British public usually really gets behind their fighters. More so than any other country, apart from maybe Mexico. ....No thanks..... But hey, they seem to like Tyson Fury sorta. Mind you, he's not...
  10. thedoc46

    Cancel culture expands to real life in the USA

    Everything you said is accurate except for one thing.. The general populace is fine with it... That is sooooooooooooooooo far from the truth.. That's perhaps the way its portrayed by the media. But most people here in America do honestly believe the left seized power. The whole Hunter Biden...
  11. thedoc46

    Derek Chauvin murder trial (Police officer who arrested George Floyd)

    “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile—hoping it will eat him last.” Sir Winston Churchill. Where will we go with this ? Convicting someone for murder after they OD'd on their own stash, just because they don't want the place smashed up.
  12. thedoc46

    MotoGP 2021

    Not making matters any better is that he's on the same machinery that's won the first three races.
  13. thedoc46

    The Sony A73/A7R3/A7S3/A9 Thread

    !Lens Invalid with this lens error. Hi, has anyone seen this issue ? I have an A7S3 latest firmware on lens and camera. Whenever i have it hooked up to my DJI RS2 gimbal and use the USB-C to multi function cable from the camera to the gimbal, i get that above error. The lens i have attached is...
  14. thedoc46

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (and Warzone)

    ** double post **
  15. thedoc46

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (and Warzone)

    Cheating ? i play maybe an hour a week if that, so i'm mostly cannon fodder. I just don't have much time if any for gaming these days. But occasionally i like to fire up a game and play, and that game these days is MW. So how do i fix it ? i wonder if people have been reporting me cos i'm crap...
  16. thedoc46

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (and Warzone)

    anyone else finding it hard to find a game ? i have it set to cross play enabled, but its taking 10mins to find a game and its only battlenet players with huge latency.
  17. thedoc46

    Tinnitus who suffers from it

    I think the best fix for tinnitus is simply acceptance. Once you accept it, you will hardly notice it. Now i know that this is far far easier said than done. But i had / have very bad tinnitus. To the point that i was very very distraught. I even flew over from the US to Ireland to spend...
  18. thedoc46

    YouTube Premium

    i pay the 10bucks per month. just cos i can't stand all the ads. I really watch a lot of YT. The way i see it, is i use to spend at least that on enthusiast magazines per month. Now i don't ever buy magazines anymore, and just YT on subjects i enjoy. They are reading my mind and thoughts though.
  19. thedoc46

    Beheading at Notre-Dame basilica in Nice

    The killings may be small as an overall number. Its the damage they do overall, and the unrelenting support from their own, is where the problem lays. If 99% came out in disgrace, then yeah it would be a small minority in the religion. However its the majority up in arms, over NOTHING...
  20. thedoc46

    Beheading at Notre-Dame basilica in Nice

    Just make Islam illegal in the Western World. Respect to Macron for actually standing up for the republic rather than this evil religion. As soon as Islam learns to behave like normal human beings, then perhaps start to think about letting them back in. The Nazi ideology had to be crushed. The...
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