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  1. RoosterC

    *** PC Gaming - Daily Deals Thread ***

    Great. I had it a couple of times, added it twice more to play with my three kids.
  2. RoosterC

    *** PC Gaming - Daily Deals Thread ***

    Great price for all those driving games, AC and ACC especially.
  3. RoosterC

    What motherboard for i5-9600k

    Thanks all.
  4. RoosterC

    What motherboard for i5-9600k

    Hi all, I've inherited an i5-9600k CPU, and would like to build a PC for my Dad. So it doesn't need overclocking, it'll just be run normally. I have an old graphics card and some memory, so it's just finding a motherboard. Can you suggest a suitable motherboard where I should be able to find...
  5. RoosterC

    Humble Choice

    Yes, quite the surprise after the last few months of questioning was I going to keep pausing the subscription.
  6. RoosterC

    What's your personal GOAT ? (Game of all time)

    Probably Morrowind, I loved getting pulled into the world and the journey of getting more powerful. Close seconds are Uncharted 2 on PS3, Witcher 3, and the original Everquest.
  7. RoosterC

    *** PC Gaming - Daily Deals Thread ***

    Yep, I enjoyed it as well.
  8. RoosterC

    What PC games are you playing?

    PGA 2K21 with my buddy at six for a match each evening, then Elder Scrolls Online and Borderlands 3 with my son.
  9. RoosterC

    Free/cheap Video editor

    Thanks for this. Been watching the tutorials and seems to be really powerful for a free version. Do you know the difference between the version 16 and 17, as both seem to be available to download?
  10. RoosterC

    Elder Scrolls VI Announced!

    Just to second everything Panos said. ESO may be online, but you don't need to play with others if you don't want to. It's a huge world and they keep adding to it. You can get the base game for around 7 euro on sale.
  11. RoosterC

    Humble Choice

    I like these kind of games so I may just keep this month after your reply. Thanks, Nate75.
  12. RoosterC


    Nice to see Gibbo post a thread like this.
  13. RoosterC

    Aliens Fireteam

    You and me both. I start it, and have to turn it off quite quickly, and I'm nearly 50! :cry:
  14. RoosterC

    *** PC Gaming - Daily Deals Thread ***

    Cool and thanks. We just added Battlefield 4 recently as well with Prime.
  15. RoosterC

    PGA Tour 2K21

    So a few hours in, and really enjoying it. Playing on the controller, at Pro-Am level - found on Pro that I was messing up quite a lot of tee shots. Lots of great courses, and at the moment, I'm staying with the standard clubs that you get with the game. A thumbs up from me!
  16. RoosterC

    Company of Heroes 3 New trailer for Company of Heroes 3!
  17. RoosterC

    Company of Heroes 3 PC Gamer have an article that we may see Company of Heroes 3. The stream depicts an aerial view of Italy, and is occasionally intercut with related black and white footage from the region. Company of Heroes 3...
  18. RoosterC

    PGA Tour 2K21

    Thanks, guys. Currently downloading, and will let you know how I get on.
  19. RoosterC

    PGA Tour 2K21

    Hi all, just wanted to see how people are enjoying this game. I used to play the Tiger Woods series, so it's about time I got a new golf game, and I see we can pick this up for about 15 euro now for the basic version. Do you need the premium version?
  20. RoosterC

    Humble Choice

    I've paused this month. Had a look through and didn't really tempt me.
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