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  1. Nursie

    Filmwise Invisibles
  2. Nursie

    Filmwise Invisibles
  3. Nursie

    Birmingham Clean Air Zone Charge Query

    Euro 4 for petrol engines is the requirement in Birmingham, I believe, but after your experience who knows.
  4. Nursie

    petrol stations chaos

    The wholesale price for petrol and diesel have started to fall according to the i
  5. Nursie

    Road Cycling

    Apparently they take years to decompose. Doesn't stop me chuck them under hedges when out of town.
  6. Nursie

    Need a new phone - £500ish

    Amazon were selling a mint green one for under £300
  7. Nursie

    Filmwise Invisibles

    Submitted as Team OcUK
  8. Nursie

    Pro Cycling Discussion 2022

    The CX should be Pidcocks. In the couple of races I've watched he has been by far the best of the rest behind WvA.
  9. Nursie

    Road Cycling

    Does anyone have recommendations for gloves? Ideally something suitable for a 5-12c ish temp range. Have some cheap Bontrager windproof ones at the moment but the temp range I find them usable is really small.
  10. Nursie

    The Indoor Riding/ Zwift/ TrainerRoad etc. Thread

    I always used ant+ when I was using a pc. Had no problems with my tickr other than when the battery was slowly dying.
  11. Nursie

    Cycling The North Coast 500

    May should be a good time to do it. Less traffic and visitors than later in the year, just keep your fingers crossed for good weather.
  12. Nursie

    Cycling The North Coast 500

    Another recommendation for the Ullapool - Lochinver route via Inverkirkaig. Not ridden it but have driven it a few times and the scenery is stunning and seems to change fairly sometimes round every corner, plus as it's not on the "official" route it's much quieter. Other than the Bealach na Ba...
  13. Nursie

    The Not NC500 Scotland Trip

    You need to add in the B863 loop around Loch Leven, you're driving past it anyway.
  14. Nursie

    Pro Cycling Discussion 2021

    Brilliant stuff. Tomorrow should be an interesting race.
  15. Nursie

    Coffee bags?

    I've tried one once, had complementary bags in a Scottish hotel room. Quite a bit of coffee came out of the bag somehow, made for a fairly unpleasant experience.
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