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  1. gc123

    Help needed - injury claim against car insurance

    i agree but i do wonder why you would pay for insurance and not use it? i applaud your morality but think if it was a 50k audi you smashed up you might decide differently. unless you insure 3rd party? but each to there own, as far as the actual child and the claim i agree its fraud. however i...
  2. gc123

    Help needed - injury claim against car insurance

    dont quite understand? if you are insured and you write your car off because you hit a tree ,would you not expect to get paid for the car? thats what insurance is for surely, if you are also injured in the accident the insurance would have to pay for that as well. father in law when alive...
  3. gc123

    Wind home turbines?

    funnily enough looked at the advert posted the other day for the tesup. then saw rip off britain today with a guy in congleton complaining about his wind turbine and lack of service guessed it tesup hmmmmm mind you the best one was the lady who only had half her solar panels...
  4. gc123

    What "man jobs" have you done today?

    guarantee after about a month you will get fed up of the tool you always want being in the bottom box and having to unstack them all to get it:) know the feeling got the same and even though i have a garage they live in the corner of the dining room :)
  5. gc123

    Bay Windows

    i always thought the floating one people mention is a bow window ? ie it fits the same size hole but bows out in the middle having a larger sill and sometimes a support (but not always ) in the middle. these are usually a straight forward fit although now you may need a company to fit . i...
  6. gc123

    Shed/Garage Boxes?

    ive got the dewalt one with the three boxes all nicely stacked just for my battery tools. it great except........every time you want a particular tool its always in the bottom box....pain really i picked mine up from screwfix a few months ago they had a deal on and the main boxes were 20 odd...
  7. gc123

    Replacing floorboards - can I use pine stripwood (no tongue and groove?)

    most of our floorboards are like yours over the years ive found cardboard and even thin ply hidden under carpets to fill gaps, now i just use the flat pine you show from that large diy warehouse lol in fact last weekend we had a water leak on the heating pipes and i had to replace a floorboard...
  8. gc123

    What is fundamentally flawed on your car?

    must be japanese fault our honda is the same . mondeo the battery low warning for key/car every 3 months or so fed up changing key batteries ....
  9. gc123

    Gatwick Valet Parking

    funnily enough noticed one on msn the other day about a guy from notts leaving his transit , i think at gatwick valet services while he went on holiday came back with 100 miles more on it and a parking ticket from some street in the local town. he got the ticket paid and his fee back. maybe...
  10. gc123

    Show us your garage!

    will try and get a picture of mine when i have reclaimed it:) inherited a focus so thats on the 2 poster but since inlaws died everything from there house sort of filled ours and overflowed into garage so double double now full and just managing to squeeze the mondeo in grrrrrrrrrrrr
  11. gc123

    Building a treehouse - planning permission!

    i agree , im sorry for the op but i think unless very lucky the ship already sailed on his treehouse when he took it down. if he builds a new one and then the council visit he will never know for definate who reported him so always be wondering. its better to try and keep locals happy that to be...
  12. gc123

    What "man jobs" have you done today?

    i do hope that isnt weld in that corner from factory ...if it is and not finished better i wouldnt have even assembled it .
  13. gc123

    Logging electric/gas usage and solar generation... Anybody else done it over years?

    slightly off topic but noticed today , martin lewis is recomending reading your meters on the 31st (for us non smart). so when the cap goes up we dont get sneakily charged for energy at the new rate we already used.......
  14. gc123

    New UPVC window and lintel

    in fairness try but our insurance insisted it was subsidance and sent a guy out to test......que 12 months later after having him come and attach strips on the walls every month ...nope not subsidance and still not covered so the damage still had to be paid for grrrrrr by the way originally...
  15. gc123

    What tool to remove kitchen tap?

    we had similar and wife wanted the new taps from aldi(or lidl cant remember ) fitting, the new ones had a led at the end.... ended up taking the worksurface off the cupboards to fit the remove the old ones and fit new ones. well she who must be obeyed was happy.:)
  16. gc123

    New UPVC window and lintel

    tbh we had windows years ago and didnt realise anything about lintels ...we were young :) about 5 years ago we had same problems you describe even to the point of noticing the upvc window was bowing in the front large bedroom. at the time a major window company did the fit and you sort of accept...
  17. gc123

    Rodent Infestation Yikes!!

    the other thing is toughened glass after it has shattered mixed into the cement , it works because the rats teeth get ground down trying to get through and then they give up used it a few years ago after a builder suggested it worked great.
  18. gc123

    1996 Ford Escort in need of recommissioning, yours for a mere £149995!

    if i remember correctly it was sat in there showroom for a while, im pretty sure it was thier when i had my twin turbo scorpio 4x4 serviced. ( mine was previously owned by turbo technics themselves and i sold it to a director at wessexs water....god i miss that car) very nice cosworth but as...
  19. gc123

    Car Write off - Hastings

    so result keep the car , repaired and money for a holiday/energy bills:)
  20. gc123

    Car Write off - Hastings

    as silver tongue said... just tell them you want the old car and they usually pay the balance less excess and the value of the car. ie easy terms. car value 1000. they would get a percentage from a salvage yard say 10 percent for your vehicle say 100 pounds. so they pay you 900 pounds less...
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