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    Help me find a cheap ticket to Bangkok

    I booked with southall travel and they did me a pretty good deal (cheapest direct flight i could find). By booking over the phone instead of the net they gave me a better class ticket which allowed me to change the dates, very fortunate because I stayed for an extra month. :P
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    I think you will hit the power limits for the rack long before the floor loading limits. Many co-lo facilities are being forced to place limits as low as 8 amps per rack and a rack full of blades could quite possibly pull 60 amps or more.
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    Best graphics card without a power connector...?

    You can get adapters to run the PCI-E card off two normal molex power connectors as long as the PSU has enough juice on the 12V rails. Most cards with the 6 pin connector come with one.
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    Dell DAS, SAS drives or SATA.

    The real advantage of high rpm SAS is not reliability, which should be achieved with redundancy, but high random IOs. If you are not doing hundreds of random IOs per sec then the extra storage you get with SATA might be more advantageous. As Nick pointed out, you don't even want to think about...
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    E-commerce and Hosting

    You can probably get away with it even if you just have one database by prefixing the tables differently for each site.
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    x1900xt dead?

    I think i know what happend now. I didnt connect both sides of the pcie power adapter to the psu hence the card tried to draw all the power into one voltage modulator and burnt out. lesson learned.
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    x1900xt dead?

    I bought an x1900xt off ebay with no heatsink for about £10 (untested). Slapped a load of thermal compound on the gpu and held up a regular cpu heatsink to see if it would even post. Uh oh, instantly I see a flash and smoke coming off one of the components just above the one marked vt223tf on...
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    'file hosting site' for multiple users
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    SSL Hosting Company is quite good for windows hosting too.
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    Red Hat qualification

    Many of the sales guys (non-technical) at my previous work place had RHCE and CCNA qualifications. The company sent them on boot camps which last a 2 or 3 days perhaps with a little self study before hand. I would say a CCNA and RHCE would be a good route into an entry Linux support role...
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    SMTP error Gmail and O2

    Was it working before? I think you have to use SSL/TSL (port 993) with gmail and of course authenticate using your full email address as your username. You could try using
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    Hosted Service Companies

    gmail offers all of the above except exchange (instead you have imap). Their calender can be synced with outlook too.
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    Possible to use 2 Routers together?

    yes it is possible. assign the wireless router an IP which does not conflict with the voyager but is in the same subnet (e.g. and the disable dhcp server on it. connect the voyager to any of the 4 LAN ports on the wireless router. you will now have voip, wireless and modem...
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    Speaker damage repairable?

    If the blutack method doesn't work, here are some others i've heard of. a) use a needle (perhaps bend the tip with some pliers) to pull the inverted dome back out. b) Suck it out with your mouth - not the most hygenic method but could work ok. c) Use a vacuum cleaner pipe but be very careful...
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    Wireless Mini-PCI Card for HP zd8000 laptop

    I had a similar problem with my IBM and got around it with a BIOS hack. A quick google came up with this.
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    PC to HDTV via VGA

    It may be that the tv doesnt accept 1080p via VGA? My Toshiba Full HD LCD is limited to 1280*768 on the vga input. Lowering the refresh rate to 50hz may help.
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    IT Jobs - The best?!

    Fox, do you ever consider how patronising you sound? I am an employee of my own LTD, which I do not believe is standard practice for temps.
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    IT Jobs - The best?!

    I would rather not say who I will be contracting for but I was contacted about the role by Hays after putting my CV on cwjobs. The interview wasn't even especially challenging; i was asked to explain a three-way-handshake plus a handful of questions on checkpoint, alteons and some rudimentary...
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    IT Jobs - The best?!

    Don't listen to the naysayers. I graduated with a 2:2 computer sicence degree last year and got a job in enterprise managed hosting at £40k plus excellent training and benefits. I have since left my job as the hours were to unsociable and I will be contracting for twice what i was previously on.
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    Woop i passed!

    Congrats man! I also passed my test today (third time), w00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000t
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