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  1. robin66

    Is 8GB of Vram enough for the 3070

    This tickled me. :cry:
  2. robin66

    Why GPU prices are NOT likely to drop significantly EVER!

    China declares all crypto-currency transactions illegal - BBC News
  3. robin66

    Aliens Fireteam

  4. robin66

    5900X air cooler recommendations please

    I just came across this. Something else to consider.
  5. robin66

    5900X air cooler recommendations please

    These are pretty good for the price. ▷ Arctic Freezer 34 eSports White CPU Cooler - … | OcUK (
  6. robin66

    Ryzen7 55800X cooling

    5800x Yes, but I'm unsure of those other models you've mentioned. :D
  7. robin66

    Best Amiga game ever?

    Amiga deluxe paint :D
  8. robin66

    Fractal Torrent

    I have been busy, but watching it now.
  9. robin66

    Fractal Torrent

    Torrent — Fractal Design ( I noticed that Fractal has a new case coming out. I bought the Meshify 2 the other day. Which is a great case. But if I had known about this case, I might have gone for it instead. I really like the way they have tried something different with...
  10. robin66

    The Ascent

    I've put it down for now until they fix the stuttering in the game. Great game and can't wait to play it some more after they fix the above-mentioned bug.
  11. robin66

    The Radeon RX 6800 (XT) Owners Thread.

    Looks really nice Nightmare, clean with one main colour. Great cooling from that setup also I bet.
  12. robin66

    EVGA 3080/3090 Faulty fan controllers design fault - Igor's Lab

    I had my EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3 for just short of 4 years. And had no issues whatsoever.
  13. robin66

    The Radeon RX 6900 XT Owners Thread.

    The cables are changed and still need to sort the front fan wires when I have got time. But pretty much done for now.
  14. robin66

    New World MMO

    I have seen a small amount of lag. But overall while in combat situations it's been fine. I'm not sure how Amazon is handling its orders and refunds. Edit: In-game now and have 110ms.
  15. robin66

    New World MMO

    Yep, if you give it some more time after release. More bugs will be fixed and extra features will be added I guess. I also see are running a 3090. It might be best to wait for a bit, just in case. :p
  16. robin66

    New World MMO

    Indeed, take the time to learn the game and find the best farming spots for now. ;)
  17. robin66

    New World MMO

    I would think so, as most beta's I've been in are wiped before release. I joined the US east coast servers and haven't had issues with queues. As on release day, I noticed that the EU servers were rammed.
  18. robin66

    The Radeon RX 6900 XT Owners Thread.

    Bit of a clean-up since the other post of my case. And the cables need to be cleaned up. Or replaced with coloured cables. But here is my 6900 XT's new home.
  19. robin66

    New World MMO

    It's beta, Steam will only have issues with a refund if you play for more than two hours while the game is live. Lots of people on Steam hated that betas would count towards playtime, so Steam changed this. Lots of changes since last year's beta. Pretty much yes. Just to add the game goes...
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