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  1. utherpendragon

    Any Advice on trying to join the RAF ?

    go into your local AFCO. They'll be able to talk you throught the careers available to you. I'm unsure about the RAF atm, but the navy are holding back on new logistics recruits due to the sheer number of applicants (at least for officers, not 100% sure on ratings). So ask what sort of timeframe...
  2. utherpendragon

    Can I do better for £300?

    Just double check they're alright with a 250GB HDD. If they're just watching DVDs shouldn't be an issue. But downloading a few films and having a decent music collection can quickly eat up a disk that size.
  3. utherpendragon

    Spec me a "on the road" laptop

    I've got a studio XPS13 which I can highly recommend. There is a 9 cell available for it which should extend the battery over 3 and a half hours.
  4. utherpendragon

    Low blood sugar

    If you've changed your diet that massively then perhaps seeing a dietician/nutritionist for a consultation may help. If you're body is used to a high level of sugars cutting them out can cause a variety of problems as mentioned eating more fruit is an easy way of combating the problem, but if...
  5. utherpendragon

    Stopping cramp

    Well I just drink squash with added salt and sugar when swimming. Is a lucozade really going to be that much better. Its only really swimming I get this problem, running is no big deal and the muscles are well conditioned. Think it'll be a case of another 10 mins more thorough stretching and...
  6. utherpendragon

    Stopping cramp

    Bit of advice needed really, started swimming again a couple of weeks ago and no matter what i seem to do I'm constantly getting cramp in my calfs when sprinting. I do the usual preventative steps, plety of water, thorough stretching but top no avail. I used to swim to quite a high standard...
  7. utherpendragon

    Plug pulled on suspected pirates - Karoo

    I still can't get my head around the fact that BT have had to open up their network to all-comers, yet Kingston seems immune to any sort of threats. If there was ever a case for the competition comission to look into telecoms it's in Hull. As for this point, merely suspecting someone of...
  8. utherpendragon

    trying to decide on a laptop is doing my head in!

    Have a look at the sony fw with the new hd4650 graphics cards.
  9. utherpendragon

    Germany says it has a right to a homeland ..... In Poland ?

    And who exactly is stopping them returning? They have a EU passport they are well within their rights to return.
  10. utherpendragon

    Air conditioning units?!

    I just bought a 3m 125mm one off ebay for less than a tenner including postage - the ducting on the £115 homebase 1200 btu unit was too short for me - hopefully won't take too long to arrive so I can test it out. On a side note did anyone else with one of the units notice the instuctions...
  11. utherpendragon

    Football Trivia question

    Le Saux is from Jersey. Not sure whether thats UK/Eire qualified
  12. utherpendragon

    Laptop recommendation, budget around £1000

    sony fw 16.4" - but £1100 can get you a 1080p screen, a 2.8ghz core2 processor and HD4650 graphics card.
  13. utherpendragon

    F1 rival series confirmed?

    Fantastic news, it's about time Bernie and his cronies were taken out of the equation. It's a sad day when multi-national companies are the ones protecting the integrity of the sport against the wishes of the governing body. British GP at silverstone it is
  14. utherpendragon

    Scotland take control of own taxes?

    until it lowers its corporation tax and sees a flood of corporate hqs relocate there (ala ireland)
  15. utherpendragon

    laptops advancement this year?

    It does get toasty, no doubt about that (not uncomfortably though). The battery on mine lasts around 2 and a half hours (keep the screen bright and wireless enabled), up to around 3 and a half in battery saving mode. The 9 cell will just slot in the battery bay but will make the laptop a bit...
  16. utherpendragon

    laptops advancement this year?

    Have a look at the dell studio xps 13. Similar price to the macbook but much better spec for the money.
  17. utherpendragon

    would this work? (credit cards...interest free)

    a cash transaction will be for example using it at a cashpoint. This was always a good way to make money (credit card blagging), moving between 0% cards and pocketing the interest, however nearly all of them will be interest free, but charge an 'admin fee' (typically about 3%) which wipes it...
  18. utherpendragon

    Punching bags & boxing gloves

    i've seen broken metacarpals from brief sparring sessions in the gym that will say otherwise. If you're only moderatly powerful but punching THROUGH the bag you will get hurt. Off the point anyway. Make sure you get some nice heavy gloves not the cheapest tat you can get from sports world...
  19. utherpendragon

    Punching bags & boxing gloves

    If you are punching corrctly you will break your hands. Its not rocket science the bones in your hand aren't going to take the sort of punishment you give a punchbag. If you're starting off fine, but i'll assure you that if you punch with any sort of technique and power you will get hurt. Why do...
  20. utherpendragon

    Punching bags & boxing gloves

    if you're punching a reasonably heavy bag properly you WILL break bones in your hand. The amount of stupid kids/chavvy teens we see in the gym doing this past few years is unbelievable. Why do you think boxers (and most contact MA) have strappings under their gloves? Get yourself a nice pair of...
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