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  1. eviled

    Victorian renovation build log

    The dust is bad, but hopefully will feel worth it 6 months from now 50mm PIR in the stud. The section below the window got an extra vertical and some osb to hang a heavy radiator on. And ready for plaster, we’ll nearly, the wood chip needs stripping off the ceiling. Turned out I was 1...
  2. eviled

    Victorian renovation build log

    If you compare to previous photos you'll see the original architrave and sills have been taken off. They will be attached back with some wood spacers so will be deeper but retain originality This is now 100% being done by a couple of joiners that first work in the extension years ago. Work and...
  3. eviled

    Victorian renovation build log

    Materials have gone up but thankfully the joiners are the same price. I had budgeted for the bedroom to first fix, but not including the bathroom fitting/furniture/tiling, and before we started on my sons room too. No work yesterday but today the whole front has studded out
  4. eviled

    Victorian renovation build log

    2 weeks in…. Son’s room stripped, cornice removed, wardrobe removed, and sound board to party wall. Annoyingly despite my calculations I’m one board short. It was tight but these are expensive so didn’t want to over order, now left with the opposite problem of trying to get a single board...
  5. eviled

    Victorian renovation build log

    And today the rip out started on my sons room. Hampered by a delayed plasterboard delivery and a wrong delivery of the acoustic roll (they gave me loft roll instead) Part way through clear out, to this… External wall being stripped, larger built wardrobe is going (there’s 2 and the other...
  6. eviled

    Victorian renovation build log

    Day 3 and 4 the rip out of the master bedroom was completed (thankfully) And today they started putting up the sound board on the party wall.
  7. eviled

    Tiling directly onto plaster

    Thanks! Also fantastic post, tiling onto plaster into a whole bathroom renovation
  8. eviled

    Tiling directly onto plaster

    @Participant how are you finding that toilet, I'm looking at the same one
  9. eviled

    Victorian renovation build log

    @sja360 it’s 2 rooms joined together, the beam is original, it was previously just a timber wall, the floor boards are the full length of the room and actually went under the wall @a1ex2001 the walls will be battened out, the window frames modified and spaced out and filled with 50mm PIR...
  10. eviled

    Victorian renovation build log

    And so it begins….. the mess is awful! Day 1 Day 2 (today)
  11. eviled

    Victorian renovation build log

    The next project, we’ve been dreading, is the master bedroom. Its a big room, 7.5m x 4.5m, which was basically decorated when we moved in but otherwise left untouched. Plan is to take it back to brick on the external and party walls and insulate and sound proof. New ceilings, and floor...
  12. eviled

    Victorian renovation build log

    Time for a long over due update. Long finished the basement flooring… … only for my 4 year old to flood it from the bathroom, slight setback (a lot of extra work) but fixed it back to almost as before. This is before revarnishing.
  13. eviled

    Insulating between floors?

    I will echo that's its absolutely worth it, both for sound and insulation I like to keep all my rooms a different temperatures and its usually the lowest room I want the warmest, the bedroom cooler, and the loft is set to 15 degrees if not it use. I put 200mm rock wool under my suspended...
  14. eviled

    How do you know what insulation is good enough?

    that's plenty...... UK building regs is 100mm PIR, Scottish is 125mm PIR (from memory) I've got 120mm and 75mm on the walls and with the heating off it never really gets cold Good to see they've specced insulation the floor, otherwise all the rooms underneath would get significantly colder I...
  15. eviled

    The Loire Valley, France ..... I need ideas/intel.....

    I drove through France and got the ferry back from Spain a few years ago. Drove every other day and never for more than 2 hours. Took about 10 days but we stayed in some fantastic places at a very reasonable prices message me if you want anymore details
  16. eviled

    Advice for DIY install of bathroom and waterproofing walls - can I tile a dot and dabbed wall?

    I used 12.5mm aqua board dot and dabbed onto brick. Tanked with mapei tanking kit and not had any issues. All hold heavy marble with no issues
  17. eviled

    Crashed my car...

    Don't send your wife to a doctor, what do you think she needs from them?
  18. eviled

    Alarm system?

    Texecom premiere elite here, all wired with relay to a master blaster Klaxxon siren. Very reliable £800 installed (3 door sensors, 7 PIRs, 2 keypads, 3 sirens)
  19. eviled

    BMW and M Power Owners

    Its one of the extra rads/coolers at the front apparently made it not able to fit
  20. eviled

    What annoys you about your current car?

    Amazed by how many of these complains can be ‘coded’ out with a bit wizardry M140i - rattles - road noise - tissue paper paint
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