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  1. thezappa

    Any Mini Cooper S owners on here? Need some advice.

    Not on a mini but similar on a focus I had, it was a spark plug. It was replaced and was fine afterwards.
  2. thezappa

    Home extension. Where does one start

    Start with an architect, they can do planning drawings as well as construction drawings. They will also be able to submit any applications you will need if you want them to. Once you have the drawings or even some sketches you can approach a few builders and get their view on feasibility and...
  3. thezappa

    The Fashion Thread... personal tastes, musings, and recommendations

    Needed a new pair of work shoes. Found a pair of Grenson Bert shoes (Oxfords). Were great and comfortable straight from the off then developed marks on them. Sent them back and got a refund and bought another pair from a different place, exactly the same thing happened. So angry, I get...
  4. thezappa

    Charging car batteries

    Car was dead apart from being able to get in and the side lights. Folding mirrors didn’t ‘unfold’ when I unlocked it. Part of the rest he ran indicated the health of the battery, the result was that it was in excellent condition and only a very small loss in charge capacity. The report he sent...
  5. thezappa

    Charging car batteries

    Yes I read that as well. The guy said it was some particular type of battery therefore needed a particular type of charger. I drove to and from work yesterday (about 30minutes both ways, 95% A roads). Had the heating on, music on, used the hands free it was absolutely fine.
  6. thezappa

    Charging car batteries

    I had an issue with my car this morning - wouldn’t start, didn’t turn over, nothing. I could get in and the side lights came on but wouldn’t start. Got the RAC out and he ran a test, it came back with several ECM errors. He suggested charging it as it was 47% charged. It has start stop which...
  7. thezappa

    Skimming over ply

    Thanks all. Got some 12.5mm p/board. The existing is actually mdf. In any case it’s a good shout to pack it out behind and board over it. Will save using more plaster and I’ve got some 3mm mdf somewhere. Will check if if I’ve got some easy fill 60. I did buy a bag of EF but think it’s a...
  8. thezappa

    Skimming over ply

    Ordinarily I would have boarded over it but you can see the depth of its recess is small so I would have to get a very thin piece of board (which as far as I know doesn’t exist). It’s difficult to see the gap between the level and the board but I would estimate it was about 3-5mm. I’ve core...
  9. thezappa

    Skimming over ply

    We are decorating our lounge and the previous (or possibly previous before that) blocked up a door but left the architrave on. I took it off and am left with just the sheet of ply that covers the opening and some messy plaster round the edge. To get a flat finnish, one option I have is taking...
  10. thezappa

    Anyone done a garage conversion? Expected costs?

    You would need building control sign off as you are making it a habitable space, as a starter for 10. We got a quote recently to do something similar but our garage is on the side of the house. Chap quote just under 10k. The other half spoke to him though and I told her they would need trial...
  11. thezappa

    House woes

    It’s not really an issue and 1k for that is pretty reasonable; a scaffold tower, labour and materials. I can’t see how much of the bricks have come away but you only need to take them out and turn them round. Any decent bricky can do it.
  12. thezappa

    Got a hole in the wall, how do I fix it.

    In our kitchen when we moved in there is an old chimney, the neighbour also has a chimney, part of the same stack but as far as I am aware they are not connected. The plasterboard was buckled and badly damaged when we moved in. I thought it was going to be a straight forward fix; take the...
  13. thezappa

    Buying a new (to me) car

    Thanks everyone. I wasn’t set on a BMW just that’s what came up when I searched under that make. As much as I would like a 135 or a 140 cost is the biggest factor. I have hade a look at approved used but none that I have seen have those options.
  14. thezappa

    Buying a new (to me) car

    Balls. Well for future reference what sort of thing can I ask/do etc when I talk to [car] dealers?
  15. thezappa

    Buying a new (to me) car

    So, I got offered a new job but it means I need to give my car back. I’ve had a look on Autotrader and seen a 1 series that ticks the boxes (pro nav and HK audio). The seller is in Manchester and I live in Hampshire. I’ll be using a loan to fund the purchase but I’m clueless when it comes to...
  16. thezappa

    Small office cooling options

    A much cheaper and quicker solution would be to install a grille in the door. It would allow an air flow with the window open.
  17. thezappa

    Cooking without an extractor hood?

    We moved in to a new house and had to buy a range cooker. The previous owner was a chef and had one and didn’t have an extractor. I was pretty adamant we should have an extractor as the kitchen is open (albeit round a corner) to the lounge. Since cooking with it though the smells haven’t been...
  18. thezappa

    Power Tools & General Tools Recommendations & Advice

    Any recommendations on bench grinders? Been looking at them and would like something that I can buy attachments for, a flexible shaft attachment, a belt sander, polishing wheel etc but I’m not having much success. None of them say ‘compatible with…’ they either have a belt sander or flexi...
  19. thezappa

    Apple Music

    So I got a free 5 months of Apple Music and thought I would download music and it would appear in my iTunes library. This is wrong. The intention was to download all the albums from the 200-odd Shazam’s I’ve done over the years. From what I’ve been reading it looks as if I need the Apple Music...
  20. thezappa

    Performance reviews - quit while I'm behind?

    Well I still have a job. The meeting was today, not yesterday. In any case they have outlined, albeit pretty vaguely what needs to change. I have a niggling feeling that although there are areas I can improve the relationship is less reciprocal than one-sided. At least now I can consider my...
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