1. Quartz

    Spec me an AM5 motherboard

    I want to redeploy the motherboard and CPU in my test rig, so it'll be a new motherboard & CPU. I'm thinking of going AM5. The CPU will probably be a Ryzen 7600. I'm having difficulty with the motherboard, though. I need the standard x16 GPU slot but I also need a PCIe v4 x4 slot for a 10 Gb...
  2. Quartz

    Only getting 5 Gbps on 10 Gb LAN

    My 10 Gb ethernet switches (TL-ST1008) finally arrived so I've installed them and run a quick test between my Windows 11 i7-8700 box with an Intel X550 NIC in a x8 slot and my TrueNAS-SCALE-22.02.4 box with an Intel X540 dual-port NIC in an x16 slot. And I'm only getting half speed. 5 Gbps vs 10...
  3. megatron

    10GbE switch, PCIe card + USB 3.0 to 2.5GbE ethernet adapter

    Spec me a 10GbE switch, a 2.5GbE NiC + 2.5 GbE USB3.0 converter cable. I only need just over 200MB/s with a little wiggle room for burst transfer from cache. 2.5GbE (bits) translates to 312.5MB/s (bytes). I bought a USB 3.0 hub with 3 usb sockets and one usb plug and a gigabit ethernet port...
  4. Kei

    10Gbe poor performance in windows

    I've run some basic testing on the 3 machines that are going to be linked together via 10Gbe and found some slightly strange performance issues. This is the kit that is linked together: Switch - Juniper EX3300 with juniper SR transceivers no vlans or L3 features enabled 1500 MTU PC1 - Windows...
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