1. Fabrix2005

    Best Available Gaming Monitor 27-32 Inch 4K HDMI2.1 120hZ

    So I've been looking for a while now as my current MacBook Pro and Xbox Series X Setup I have been running Two 32 Inch Samsung U32H850 QLED Monitors and have served me well for video editing light browsing and Xbox Gaming. However now that console gaming is now supported up to 4k 120hz I wanted...
  2. Brian Marshall

    Monitor 4k HDMI 2.1

    Looking for a monitor thats 4k with 2.1 hdmi 120hz plus, i see the LG 27gb950 monitor at £799 but struggle to get one with availability. Anyone know of any other monitors i should keep an eye out for?
  3. robrvb

    Looking for a 1440p gaming monitor not sure what to get does anyone have any advice.

    Hi I’m looking to upgrade one of my monitors I have 3 Asus PB278Q but they are getting a bit old now but still are great for my work, but I would like to upgrade one of them for gaming. So, I’m looking for a 27inc, 1440p with 120Hz or higher and g sync or freesync would be nice. Any advice...
  4. Alfie092

    HDMI Splitter - Connecting to 3 monitors help needed please :)

    Is there a HDMI splitter out there that provides 4k @ 60hz and 1080p @ 120hz while connected to 3 outputs? The outputs I want to have connected to my PS5 are: 1. 1080p 144hz monitor - used for competitive gaming 2. 4k 60 hz monitor - used for casual gaming 3. 4k Smart TV 60hz - used when I...
  5. Gusthavo Nascimento

    PS5 Games Tech Details - Resolution, Frame Rate, Ray Tracing, and more

    Attetion: The thread has moved to PS5 Games Tech Details - Resolution, Frame Rate, Ray Tracing, and more (Resetera). This thread here on OverclockersUK will not be updated anymore, sorry for that and thanks everyone! INTRODUCTION Here you will find how your favorites games play, feel and look...
  6. Millez171

    When to upgrade

    Hi all My pc is 5 years old now. Just a rough idea of what I have currently: Intel Core i7-4790K 4.00GHz Gigabyte GeForce GTX 980 G1 Gaming 4096MB ASRock Fatal1ty Z97X Killer Intel Z97 Corsair Vengeance RED 16GB 2133mhz It runs most things on max but I've really been wanting to make the step...
  7. MogwaiPower

    Budget Laptops with 120/144Hz Refresh Rate

    Hello. I wondered if anyone could give me some advice on gaming laptops please. I get bad headaches from 60Hz refresh rates and am looking for a budget laptop with a higher refresh rate (120Hz/144Hz) but can't afford more than £1,000 tops. Would also need minimum of 4 USB ports. Does anyone...
  8. Quartz

    How can I stress test a video cable?

    I'm loving my new Acer Nitro and fibre-optic video cable, but I'm wondering how I can stress test my video cables and get quantifiable results, and I'm especially interested in comparing the fibre cable with my copper cables. All I can really see right now is that it works and I don't get...
  9. Quartz

    Wasabi Mango UHD 430 - 43" 120 Hz 4k monitor

    I've just been reading TFT Central and read about the Wasabi Mango UHD 430 monitor. Apparently it does 4k at 120 Hz. No Freesync or Gsync, and costs about £1000. Does anyone have one? @Kaapstad ? @Vega ?
  10. Space Monkey

    HP laptop, opinions needed?

    Still trying to find the right PC for myself, looking to order tomorrow, so wanted to gauge people's opinions on this laptop, it has a 120Hz IPS display which is what I wanted but is it any good? What's the build quality like on these HP's? Cooling etc...
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