1. Savvy666

    Coil whine on new GTX 1660 Super

    Hi everyone, This week I built a new system with a GTX 1660-Super, which has been running perfectly up until today where I replaced the CPU fan, and now the GPU has developed a rather large amount of coil buzz, the buzz gets worse when the RAM is set to it's full 3600mhz, and obviously less...
  2. amdhappy

    1660 Super prices

    Has the prices of all GTX 1660 Super cards all risen over the past week or so? I thought with all the new RTX cards they would be falling not go back up.
  3. sinkorswim

    Looking for GPU recommendations

    Hi After all the news come out I have decided to build a budget to mid range PC Parts I have ordered already Lancool 2 case 1tb WD sn550 m.2 Corsair RM850 MSI Carbon Pro B450 wifi Ryzen 3600x 32gb 3200mhz vengeance ram (got a great deal) Arctic duo esports CPU cooler Already have 2 x 3tb...
  4. rich9573

    New Build £800 Budget

    Hi everyone. I’ve built some pc’s before and my friend has asked me to build one for him with a budget of £800. I quickly put one together and wondered if I can get your opinions on it. He will be using it for gaming and other stuff. The most intensive game he plays is GTA 5 at 1080p. Cpu...
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