1. xenon20

    ASRock X470 Taichi > Ryzen 7 2700X BIOS compatibility

    Hi All, I have the Ryzen 7 2700X CPU and according to my motherboard CPU support list [here], it shows this is a pinnacle ridge processor and states "ALL" in the far right column (validated BIOS version). When you look at the BIOS list [here], it states for every BIOS version above 3.50 that...
  2. Devrij

    2700X auto voltages look.... a bit crazy

    So I decided it was time to squeeze some more juice out of this thing since it's holding my 3080 back. Guides were saying most chips could do an all core 4.2Ghz around 1.35V, and AMD recommends to not go over 1.4V for 24/7 usage. Grand So it turns out my chip is a dog and I can only get...
  3. TheBigCheese

    Recommended cooler for an AMD 2700X that's getting toasty?

    Hi guys I've been really happy with this AMD chip for a long time and with just the stock cooler (saved a lot of pennies in the initial build), but I'm looking to do some HD 1080p encoding for the first time on this chip and I've noticed that is getting really hot 80oC+ so I'm thinking of an...
  4. JAW_Jontain

    4x8GB on X370-F & 2700x

    Evening Gents, Today i saw an OCUK ad for the following memory which I got in my Ryzen bundle and went ahead as I presumed 32GB has got to be better than 16GB:- https://www.overclockers.co.uk/team-group-8pack-edition-16gb-2x8gb-ddr4-pc4-25600c14-3200mhz-dual-channel-kit-black-my-08l-tg.html I...
  5. Tyler.

    Best ram.

    Hi people I have a AMD 2700X on a asus strix b450 mobo i was just wondering what is the best ram for my system?
  6. Gibbo


    Hi there BIG SAVINGS on Ryzen processors, in anticipation of new Ryzen CPU's launching this Sunday, AMD have now moved pricing on their older parts so they simply make sense next to the new parts to clear remaining stocks out: AMD Ryzen 7 Eight Core 2700X GOLD EDITION 4.35GHz (Socket AM4)...
  7. Wommers

    Ryzen 2700x potential price drop

    I was wondering what the 2700x could drop to once Zen 2 releases? Although not apples to apples the 1700 was £329 when it released and the price history indicates it dropped to around £200 when Ryzen 2000 released. Does anyone think that would be realistic for the 2700x? I guess it depends on...
  8. EmperorRosko

    7600K upgrade options?

    Hi All, Bought my 7600K a few years ago (when 4 core i5's were cool). I've noticed in games like R6 Siege, Battelfield, and even Resident Evil 2, are maxing all 4 cores out and I feel like im not letting my new Sapphire Vega 64 get to it's full potential. I've looked at loads of videos, and...
  9. JAW_Jontain

    AIO for 2700x in 500d Obsidian

    Evening all, So whilst I'm waiting for the results on my RMA on my 2700x and X370-f combo I have been thinking about temps and am considering swapping out the standard Wraith Prism cooler for an AIO unit from Corsair. The Aorus GTX 1080ti will remain with stock cooler as I am mainly wanting to...
  10. softwaresimian

    9700K / 2700X - Any software development benchmarks ?

    I'm looking to replace my software development box (4790K based) as its starting to struggle while running an IDE with test and analysis tools. Scala tools seems to be designed to eat CPU cycles ! I've looked around but most benchmarks I've found seem aimed at gaming / office / synthetic type...
  11. David Birch

    PSU for Ryzen 2700x Mini ITX

    Last time I bought a new rig was back in 2012, an i7-3770k/Asus mobo and 8GB Ram which I later upgraded to 16 GB which lasted me up ages until a month or so ago. I thought I would go SLI/Crossfire at some point so I bought a Corsair 850w PSU but in the end I never did, in fact recently I wanted...
  12. Nelly

    AMD Expresses its Displeasure Over Intel's PT Benchmarks for 9th Gen Core

    Source: TechPowerUp EDIT: Altered the AMD presentations below the maximum of 1280 pixels wide, as per OcUK forum rules.
  13. Nelly

    New PT Data: i9-9900K is 66% Pricier While Being Just 12% Faster than 2700X at Gaming

    Source: TechPowerup / Principled Technologies (PDF)
  14. ssmacc

    2700X Upgrade, Mboard and RAM suggestions...boot from M.2 drive?

    Hello All, I'm about to upgrade and am thinking of the following: 2700x ASUS PRIME AMD Ryzen X470-PRO 16GB of which RAM? From what I read the motherboard is the best for it's budget (~£160). However, I'm not sure what RAM to pair it with, suggestions appreciated. I'd also like a M.2 Drive, I...
  15. Gibbo


    Hi there It has been a long time since we had an AMD Friday, but right now if you buy a qualifying AMD Graphics card you get this games bundle for FREE: amd raise the game promo - assassin’s creed® odyssey, strange brigade®, and star control®: origins @ £117.77 inc vat assassin’s...
  16. Space Monkey

    Looking for a decent X470 motherboard to pair with the 2700X?

    Hi guys, Looking for a really solid, high quality motherboard for my 2700X, being paired with 16GB 8Pack 3200MHz C14 RAM. Budget approx £270 Any personal experiences good and bad gratefully received :)
  17. Illuminist

    Ryzen Owners Thread

    Thought I'd make one of these as there wasn't one already. This is for ryzen and ryzen 2 owners to come together and discuss features and problems and hopefully help each other with these and overclocking e.t.c Or just a place to hang out and talk nerdy style about our systems. To start off...
  18. Robi_uk

    Ryzen 2700x and CPU Fans

    Hi, looking for some experience of fellow ryzen owners. My CPU fan is starting to get irritating as the temps on the processor can spike quite high and then back low again causing it to constantly speed up and down when using you day to day functions. At the mo I am idleing on 33c but if I open...
  19. Space Monkey

    Anyone running the new AMD Ryzen 7 2700X with an X370 Mobo?

    Hi guys, Anyone using this CPU with an X370 motherboard? How are you finding it? Thinking of upgrading to the X470? What motherboard do you have? I'm currently seeing from various places that it's virtually the same performance on both chipsets but the X470 still has time to mature and may...
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