1. AN-DR

    AMD Threadripper 2950x & Noctua Cooler - High Temps

    I’m looking for advice on how to best cool a stock AMD Threadripper 2950x when married with the Noctua NH-U14s-TR4-SP3 CPU cooler – I’ve seen a few posts online covering the issue, but I’ve yet to find a suitable solution to the CPU running hot. AMD Threadripper 2950x Noctua NH-U14s-TR4-SP3 CPU...
  2. liquidphantom

    New workstation/gaming build, RAM advice

    I've been rocking a i7-4770k build for close to 4 years now and only upgraded the RAM to 32GB and GPU to a 1080ti which I'm happy with for now, so i'm focused on the core build and re-using most of my current hard drives. I'm also going for a bit of a theme build for the first time in a...