1. Quartz

    Replacement for Authy 2FA token generator?

    Twilo are discontinuing the desktop version of Authy. I use it across Windows, IOS, and Android. Which replacement that works and synchronises across all three platforms do you recommend?
  2. DB_SamX

    Help with changing Outlook 2FA contact details

    I came to find out this week that my dad's Microsoft Outlook 2FA details are completely screwed up. He has a primary hotmail email address (let's call it email 1) with 2FA set up. The backup email address to receive codes is somehow email address 1 itself!!! How this was accepted is beyond my...
  3. Quartz

    Phones, 2FA, and holiday disaster.

    Just wondering here. I hope people here are using Two Factor Authentication for most things, so how would you cope if you lost your devices when you were on holiday? Presumably you do not take your backup codes with you (they might disappear too). Sure you can buy a new phone but when you come...
  4. Quartz

    Microsoft Authenticator not syncing across devices

    I've just got my new iPad, updated it, and have installed Microsoft Authenticator. I've put in the same credentials as on my phone but none of the accounts have been copied over. I want to be able to use both my iPad and my phone as 2FA devices, especially as I may be reformatting my phone...
  5. D

    2FA - who uses it?

    Hello, I have just upgraded to 1Password 7 and have been working through updating my logins. A new feature of the software highlights which sites use two factor authentication, that you're not currently using. I'd be interested in knowing who uses 2FA and if you use it whenever it's available...
  6. Quartz

    Changing mobile phone, 2FA, and authenticator apps

    At some point I'm going to be changing my mobile phone. I currently use a Lumia 950. Now, I use my phone for 2FA, some via SMS but some - like OCUK - via the authenticator app. As long as I keep my phone number, the SMS authentication will be fine, but I'm worried about the authenticator app...
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