3080 ti

  1. R33mba

    Manli 3080ti giallardo

    I need your help guys.. Right now only new 3080ti that I can afford is manli 3080ti giallardo, but I can find any user reviews and thing that concers me is , that on their www its says its discontinued..like wtf? So i need your advice Should I buy it or no?
  2. Gibso

    KFA2 GeForce RTX 3080 Ti HOF - Coil Whine

    Hi guys, So I finally got my hands on a 3080 from Overclockers, I went for the 3080 ti upgrade offer of a KFA2 GeForce RTX 3080 Ti HOF. However I'm getting very loud coil whine when playing some games. I used to get this on my Zotac 2060 when in game menus, but this is much, much worse and is...
  3. Dinerty

    3080 Ti power cables

    Hi there I'm considering a 3080 Ti, but I'm unsure about the 3x 8 pin requirements. Can I use this setup: 1x 8 pin 1x 8 pin 1x 8 pin splitter cable (the remaining 8 pin connector of the cable will be hidden) Thanks