3d printing

  1. Jon Hew

    Help converting a .glb file to something I can use to 3D print?

    Hi I have a .glb file (it's about 170mb) that I would like to convert to something I can load into a slicer and then 3d print. I can load the file into 3D software, and it is a 3D representation of what it should be ...... I can't see any issues with the .glb file. When I have tried to...
  2. RHGM

    P1S or A1 Mini

    hi, I am trying to buy my next 3D printer, I already own a Creality K1 but trying to decide between the Bambu Lab P1S or the A1 Mini, which one should I get, unfortunately I can only afford 1 of them at the moment, please advise which one is better and which one would you choose, thanks a lot
  3. bulb66

    3D Printing Multi Material Contest Vote for ME

    Hey all! I would love YOUR help!! I've entered a 3D print into a Multi Material Contest by E3DOnline and EastRepRapFest to win an E3D TOOLCHANGER these machines allow 4 tools to be used during a print. These don't have to be 3d printing tools, a small router or camera could also be used. I'd...
  4. Hannah Walton

    Keeping an eye on my 3D Prints?

    Hi guys, I have a Flashforge Creator Pro. I am wondering if there is any solution that allows me to have a camera inside to keep an eye on my prints when I'm out of the room. Could I use a Raspberry Pi? Thanks in advance
  5. BulbaSan

    Budget Graphics Card for 3D Design

    Hi all, I’m looking for a graphics card for my build below. So far rx580 (8gb) looks like a good deal for performance, but is that overkill for a pc being used for 3D design in Blender? Here’s the build - MB - b450i MSI CPU - Ryzen 7 2700 2 x 8gb ddr4 3000mhz RAM 550w PS
  6. Jaythecake

    What laptop is the best for 3D printing and programming?

    hello, I am looking for either a laptop or a small form factor computer to use for 3D printing and programming.
  7. Shugs81

    3D Printing parts for watercooling

    Hi Chaps.. Just wondering what the Viability is of 3d printing water blocks? i.e. Have a base plate machined to fit and fit a 3d printed top on it with a good seal? nothing planned... just curious if printed at a high enough quality if it could be done? Thanks!
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