1. Steviep146

    Overclocking and it's ramping down to boost speed

    Hi all. I've recently swapped my Ryzen 2600 with mobo and ram with my son's old i5 4690k h81m mobo and ram as it was crashing when he was playing long sessions of ark. That games awfully optimised! Anyway I know h81m boards are not designed for overclocking but some of them can do it. Mine is...
  2. v3llr

    Upgrade Advice Please (Team Red)

    Hi there all, I currently have a 4690K, 16Gb of DDR3 ram, a GTX 970, an SSD and an assortment of HDDs. What do you think should be my next upgrade, I have just gotten into VR and have an Oculus Rift. Thanks for your help in advance!
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