4k ultra hd

  1. MiSJAH

    Polaroid 4K HDR10 10Bit, plex or emby?

    Hi All knowledgeable people, I recently bought this tv after Mrs left taking the Samsung :( I can't find a way to install plex or emby. Anyone know of a method to hack/update/add one of these apps, or an effective way to stream from laptop to the TV. Wireless display is sub optimal. Thanks.
  2. 4K8KW10

    AMD notebook with 3840x2160 screen 4K Ultra HD

    The thing is that I cannot find a single laptop with 4K screen, based on an AMD product, either Ryzen, earlier APUs, or Radeon. Why isn't there any availability of AMD 4K laptops? *** I am able to find a Hewlett-Packard HP ZBook 15u G3 (T7W16EA) with AMD FirePro W4190M. This is the only offer...
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