1. teeshq

    7700k after delid

    Today i delid my 7700k it was OC @ 4.7Ghz 1.27v and in stress prime95/aida cinebench r15 temp was 85C+. After the "surgery" i hit 5Ghz 1.31 max temp 75C in benchmark when gaming never went over 65. Im using old noctua nh-d14 air-cooler so pretty happy . To be honest I did not expect such a...
  2. HarveyS

    7700K RMA replacement

    Hi guys and girls, I recently had to RMA my 7700k for reasons, the CPU is now with Intel and I have been conveniently informed that they are out of stock of the 7700k and they won't even know when they'll be able to provide me with another, they said it could even take a month or more! So I...
  3. danielshaw007

    2080 Ti Low Time Spy score compared to similar systems

    Hi all as the topic says I have ran Time Spy on my system which is the following spec; i7 7700k @ 4.8GHz, Gigabyte Z270 Gaming K3 board and 16gb of Corsair 3000MHz DDR4 I dont know if im picking something out of nothing but here is a link to my run; https://www.3dmark.com/spy/4782271 I used...
  4. shiftyRat

    AsRock z270 Taichi overvolts my 7700K and temp readings.

    Hi, long time reader here and my first post :) I recently got the z270 Taicho mb with an 7700K intel cpu. Today I was messing around in the bios and I found out that the standard VCC PLL settings is 1.2 volts, while using any and all of the predefined OC profiles it sets it to 1.1 volts, which...
  5. Gibbo


    Hi there Giving this bundle its own thread, as I cocked up the price......... 8Pack Approved - Elite Tier KabyLake Bundle: Intel i7-7700K @ 4.80GHz **Over £175 OFF** @ £599.99 inc VAT Bundle includes: Intel Core i7-7700k Retail @ 4.80GHz, Gigabyte Z170X Ultra, 8Pack 16G (2*8) 3200MHz...
  6. ShreddedGamer

    How hard to decide for a Case can be?

    Hello everyone, Returning to Desktop Computers, I am planning my new rig to be purchased during the Christmas season. I have a very solid idea of what I want in terms of internal components, but can't find a case that doesn't make me think twice. The computer will be for pure gaming, mostly...
  7. BillHicksRIP

    Got i7-7700K & RAM - Need Everything Else

    Looking at a new build which hoping will last a few years. Will be used for gaming and internets only. Have picked up the 7700K and RAM from the MM and looking to build something around the Noctis case which I really like the look of. I'm looking at gaming at 1440p on a 27" G-Sync monitor but...
  8. GTiPUG

    Upgrade pondering - 4790k

    Been running a 4790k for around 2 years now... Maybe more? Feels like less! Bought it for £230 on release, which seems like peanuts compared to what high end i7s go for now. Anyone know if it's worth the upgrade to a new DDR4 platform? My motherboard is a Maximus VII Ranger, which has red...
  9. RealScubaSteve

    New PC build **HELP NEEDED**

    Frankly, I don't know if I'm in the right section so apologies if I'm not. How do I contact the builders at Overclockers UK? Or can someone verify if this is possible. I'm looking for a fully customised liquid-cooled gaming PC. They have some really nice PCs that you can customise but not to...
  10. xiamwebb

    i7 7700k Pre-Binned Processor No 5GHz

    Got a pre-binned Processor5 ghz chip from overclockersuk, can get a stable 4.8ghz MAX at 1.4v, cant get a stable 5ghz, tried 1.3 - 1.45v, the higher the voltage the more 'stable' it gets, but still bluescreens and crashes when stress testing, using cinebench,passmark,prime95, intel extreme, etc...
  11. arjgrundy

    Stop Overclocking.... really?!

    Interesting read Intel i7 7700k owner's http://www.pcgamer.com/intels-tells-core-i7-7700k-owners-to-stop-overclocking-to-avoid-high-temps/
  12. niro750

    IX formula + 8pack 5ghz 7700k overclocking

    Hey guys. Just finished my new computer https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/threads/thermaltake-p5-build.18773436/ EK blocks and fluid temps of 29 degrees c under load with fans at half power. Idle cpu temps are low 30s. I followed der8auers guide on YouTube to get the oc started. I seem to...
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