1. hadri

    Fixed Or Offset Voltage?

    Hi All, Sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm running a 7820X on a bus of 100, multiplier x47, stable at about 1.25v using offset vcore (so each core varies slightly). They all get to about 80°C after 30 mins of Realbench and I've sent it off for de-lidding (really don't fancy tackling...
  2. farrow101

    7820x Heat Problems

    Hi all! I'm in need of some help. Just upgraded to the 7820x platform and having major heat issues. Specs : i7 7920x [email protected] (stock motherboard setting) MSI X299 M7 ACK 32gb hyper x predator 3200mhz H100i V2 980Ti As soon as the cpu goes under load, it will sky rocket to 100c. Tried...
  3. toontoonizer

    Single core overclock causing multicore software to crash

    So heres something thats got me stumped. I have an i7 7820x with ASUS Prime X299 Deluxe mobo and G.Skill 3200mhz 32gb ram. With testing i can get a stable overclock of [email protected]. However, as we know some cores are better than others. My core 0 is always 10-15 cooler than my other...
  4. toontoonizer

    i7 7820x temperature advice

    Hi all, Been a lurker for years and finally got round to splurging on a big rig. I'll include the specs below but perhaps useful to put the question i have up here as i am not sure if i have the right section. Essentially, i have an i7 7820x (please no 'but y not Ryzen' questions from the...
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