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  1. Klutzsm58

    Help confining workstation /gaming rig

    *configuring Hey all I'd appreciated any advice! I'm going to do fresh install I'm trying to decide on best way how to configure my hard drives My PC is used for gaming and video editing / animation HARD DRIVES AVAILABLE: 1x 1tb m.2 nvme 3x 1tb HDD 1x 128gb ssd 1x 40gb ssd (i have it may as...
  2. TrojanWhore

    After effects plugins leftover from humble filmmaker bundle *giveaway*

    Hi all, I bought the humble filmmaker bundle in December but don't use after effects. As such, happy to give away the after effects only bits to anyone who can make use of them. The plugins are linked here: so you can see what...
  3. IsaacS

    GTX1050ti plus 32Gb RAM VS. GTX1060 plus 16Gb RAM

    Looking for a laptop for heavy video editing (specifically After effects work), and got the question what would be best; GTX1050ti with 32Gb RAM or a GTX1060 with 16Gb RAM Thank you
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