aio watercooling

  1. Chris Simmons

    AIO with temp display

    Hi I’m looking for an AIO liquid cooler with the ability to display the live temp on it. What would be the best/ good value for money cooler you would recommend?
  2. Arivaca

    Phantek Entoo Pro top mounting AIO 360 radiator

    I am looking at mounting an Arctic 2 360 AIO under the top of a Phantek Entoo Pro case, leaving the bottom ODD slot for use with a Bluray drive. I think the cooler total depth is 63mm. Does anybody know if this is feasible? Will it interfere with components on a MSI Creator X299 board as it...
  3. The Steel

    AIO upgrade 240 to 280 worth it?

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently running a CoolerMaster 240mm AIO, ML240R on a stock Ryzen 3600. I'm planning a switch from ATX to an ITX setup imminently, and was wondering if replacing the entire AIO or just the fans would be worth it. I'm looking at the Corsair H115i Pro XT as the Arctic Liquid...
  4. Liam Scannell

    Fan Setup for new build

    Hi guys, I am currently working on a new build and cannot decide how to set up the fans (intake/exhaust). I have a Lian Li PC 011 DX case and have a corsair H150i Pro cooler which comes with 3 120mm fans. I also have 6 other 120mm fans which I want to install but I am unsure as to how I...
  5. kiteloopy

    Pump dead? Corsair Hydro H115i

    Hi Everyone. I left my PC on this afternoon to download some stuff from Steam but i've just come back to it dead. I turn it on and the two fans on the H115i whir up to full speed and the RGB on the CPU block are red. The BIOS says that the CPU is at about 90 decC; then it goes dead. The two...
  6. Joshua James

    Deepcool Castle 360??

    Hey guys, I was wondering why there is no 360mm version of the deepcool castle? I love the look of the cpu block but I was really hoping to get the 360mm version, would changing the radiator for a 360mm one be doable? Many thanks.
  7. tictaktoe333

    Antec AIO 360mm - anybody got one?

    So I can get an Antec AIO 360mm on a good deal.. Are Antec to be trusted? Don't want any leaks or a pump dying too quick! Cheers
  8. tictaktoe333

    Paranoid of water in a computer?

    I'm paranoid about getting a leak with water cooling, even with an AIO. But what are the chance of actually getting a leak with an AIO? Or custom water cooling? I currently have one of Noctua's biggest coolers but wonder whether it is worth going for a 360 AIO? Finally are there any AIO brands...
  9. Illuminist

    Can Someone Help With AIO CPU COOLER ?

    I can see many many £50 and around cpu AIO's Whats the difference? Which is best? It's driving me crazy theres so many, I don't have time to copy paste everyone for the reviews Some one please that is very savy and experienced which are the coolest and quietest or just tell me anything...
  10. paulo 1

    Connections from the aio cooler to the Motherboard

    Hi guys i got an be quiet water cooler silent loop 280mm and i want to instal on a Corsair Carbide 540 High Airflow ATX Cube Case and the connections on a asus PRIME_X370-PRO . my problem is were i connect the PUMP and the FANS on the motherboard , the BE QUIET manual say they are 3 pin...
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