air conditioning

  1. samdavenport

    Air conditioning unit? Any info?

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone might have some useful info about a mobile air con unit I've recently purchased second hand. I can barely find any info about it at all online, let alone a manual. Several of them about for sale but that's all I can find. Does anyone have any info or can anyone...
  2. DragonQ

    Air con multi-splits: which of 2 approaches is better?

    I'm planning to get air con in my new house. Use cases are: Cold snaps: Top-up heating in conservatory during day and kids' bedrooms (2 & 3) at night Summer: Cooling in conservatory on weekends/holidays, cooling in office (bedroom 4) on weekdays Heatwaves: Cooling in lounge & conservatory on...
  3. Patina

    Got a quote of £6686 for 2 Air Conditioning Units. Is this price normal?

    I live in London and had an AC guy come over to do a survey for 2 AC units in my house (ground floor and attic). He came back with a quote which I think is expensive but I just don’t know for sure. Here’s what the quote says (ALL PRICES BELOW EXCLUDE VAT): 1 x Daikin 32 5.0kw Wall Mount (Ground...
  4. Actual_Criminal

    Any advice on what Portable Air Conditioning unit to buy (UK) ?

    In the UK, air conditioning in domestic homes is a lot less common than it is in the USA or even the middle-Eastern countries where it gets really hot. Obviously, the UK is known for bad weather (rain and cold), but Mr. CO2 has been putting in some work heating up the planet and it is also...
  5. Que

    Portable Air Con Issue

    Hi all, Newbie to posting on OC, but have always got answers to other quirky queries in my head on OC. Hoping to get an answer to my latest 'mishap' ;) (i'll fill yer in with the whole story, not that we've got anywhere to go :D)... Here goes: we have two portable aircons and have always had...
  6. adamtbray

    Had A/C re-gassed but still not working

    Hi guys, Just a quick question as I took my car to have the A/C refrigerant replaced, as there was no cold air coming out. The issue is that the previous owner of the car had the system repaired and re-gassed only 15000 miles ago, so I was skeptical about whether it was simply needing new...
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