1. Quartz

    Ampere Altra hackintosh?

    Is such a beast possible?
  2. Quartz

    How will Nvidia react to the AMD 6000 series launch?

    How do you think Nvidia will react to today's launch by AMD? It was an utter curb-stomp, wasn't it? Off the top of my head: Immediate price reductions - the 3090 will become $999 Ti / Super versions of GPUs with 16+ GB RAM for the same price and price reductions on existing low-VRAM cards...
  3. Gibbo

    ** NVIDIA RTX 30 SERIES (3090 / 3080 / 3070) NOW ONLINE AT OcUK **

    Hi there The NVIDIA 3000 series including RTX 3090, 3080 and 3070 are now ONLINE at Overclockers UK for your viewing pleasure. You cannot place pre-orders yet but you can on the following dates: - 3090 September 24th 2pm - 3080 September 17th 2pm - 3070 October We expect good volume on these...
  4. slim01

    2080 vs 2080 super? Or wait for Ampere... Go!

    As the title suggests... a) Used 2080 ("Ventus", to be AIO cooled) @ £420 b) New 2080 super ("Asus Dual" cooled) @ £570 or... c) Wait for Ampere! Need a 4k card because my TV sometimes supports 1440p, sometimes doesn't, and my gtx1080 just isn't up to 4k. Don't wanna wait (guessing till...
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