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  1. ssmacc

    Cheap Android box for Microsoft Remote Desktop?

    Hello, As title I'm after a Android box for Microsoft Remote Desktop, I have a couple of Nvidia Shields and these work fantastically well for this task. However, these also stream and are used for Netflix etc. the new box I require is only needed for Remote Desk top to another PC, connected via...
  2. ssmacc

    Android Box downmix Atmos / pass-through Atmos?

    Hello, A friend is after a cheap android box that will pass-through Atmos and or downmix Atmos to Dolby 5.1 (or stereo), does a device like this exist? I've got a Nvidia Shield but he does't want to shell out £200. Must have USB Preferably google certified Anyone recommend anything? Cheers,
  3. SkeeterUK

    What's a good android box these days

    Hi all. Hopefully I'm asking in right subforum. So I bought a qbox 2gig ram 16g storage for about 50 notes last year, 4core at 1.5ghz tho should have been 2ghz. It wasn't too bad at first but had issues like screen sometimes 1 colour half way down screen then move cursor and it was ok again...
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