1. ssmacc

    Recommend me some EarBuds?

    Hello, As title I'm going to get some new EarBuds, currently have some old ones with no noise cancelling etc. Most important is the fit, I'll wear these in the gym and whilst cycling in the summer. I'm tempted by the: Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II Sony LinkBuds S Sony WF-1000XM5 (not sure I'm...
  2. SkyTerran

    Android security

    A friend of mine has an old phone running Android 10 that hasn't received any security updates in 3 years or so. Wonder how much of a problem it is. How easy is for a hacker to gain access to say a banking app installed on the phone? Do old Android phones without recent security fixes actually...
  3. mickyflinn

    Android version ?

    Should I update my Android operating system on my phone from version 10 to 12 ? I'm happy and use to 10 but am I missing out ? Tx.
  4. Quartz

    Android phones calling 999 The activation mechanism seems utterly stupid. You press the button twice to activate the camera, but I find that I often don't get it quite right. So I have to repeat. That puts me on 4 presses, 1 off the number required to dial 999. This is not...
  5. Deleted member 77746

    Apollo / Reddit app, API shenanigans.

    Not sure why this was in the iOS 16 thread but posts can be moved into here if a mod wants to do it. Looks like Apollo app will be shutting down soon du to Reddits new API cost. also..
  6. petridish

    Recovering Photos From An Old Phone With Malware On

    As per the title really. My brother in law was telling me that he lost a few photos on a old phone before he had Google backing them all up. I'm happy to have a go at helping him but turning to the OCUK hive mind in case it's something anyone's dealt with before. I have a feeling there must be...
  7. hyperseven

    Android launcher for a senior

    Does anyone have/had experience with using one of these and can recommend? Just bought my Dad a Redmi 9AT and want to slap an easy-to-use launcher on as his hands aren't the best.
  8. Quartz

    Is there an Android landline phone?

    I'm looking for a landline phone that will sync its address book with Google Contacts and make them easily available. I'm sure there will be other useful features but that's the big one. Google throws up all sorts of stuff on AliExpress/Alibaba but few over here. And it's got to be a landline...
  9. Quartz

    Spec me a USB C SD card reader for iPad and Android

    I'd like to be able to pull data from my dashcam to my mobile phone (Google Pixel) or my iPad Pro (2021) when I'm travelling. To which end I'd like something that can plug into the USB C port on my iPad and Android and into which I can plug the SD card from my dashcam. My current dashcam doesn't...
  10. 3080guy

    What OS to install on phone, to use as computer

    Ive got a fairly decent spec android phone and was wondering if I could install an OS to use it as a computer, for general web browsing, youtube, etc (not to be used as a phone at all) at a spare monitor. Would make a great low-power-use and fun way to explore a new OS, if I could install one...
  11. kakarott

    *** OPPO Find X5 Pro ***

    This phone seems pretty impressive Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 12GB RAM and 256GB of storage, in just the one variant - at least for Europe. The display is a 6.7in, WQHD+ AMOLED display using LTPO 2.0 tech for a variable refresh rate from 1-120Hz. . On battery, expect a 5000mAh cell with 80W...
  12. BigBoy

    Best Bang for Buck Android phone UNDER £200

    As title, what can you find for under £200, Android phone, sim free, 128GB Storage with minimum 4GB ram. Currently eyeing up the Motorola g30 4/128gb @£149 on Amazon It for my 16 year old daughter that is not a must be the best want want want type of girl (you know what I mean!) :D Its also...
  13. pemicx

    Unknown callers not blocked but NHS calls not getting through

    Yesterday I missed an important NHS consultation: I received no phone call but they say they called. My Android phone settings has no Blocked Numbers, and the setting to 'Block calls from unidentified callers' has always been turned off. Lebara, my network provider, tell me they don’t block any...
  14. Quartz

    Factory resetting an Android mobile phone

    I've been procrastinating about doing this for a while because I haven't done it before but I need to get on with it. So help me out here. I've transferred all my 2FA keys to Authy. I've backed up the SD card. I have the following apps: Whatsapp Lastpass Steam Guard Level (a spirit level...
  15. Quartz

    Nokia 2.2 getting full

    I have a Nokia 2.2 running Android 10 (which is up to date) with 16 GB internal storage and 128 GB additional storage set as internal (actually it's a 256 GB SD card but Android only sees 128 GB), and Android is complaining that the 16 GB internal storage is getting full and not letting me move...
  16. stockhausen

    Transferring photos off an Android Mobile?

    Hi I have a Motorols G5S. I have many photos on it and I would like to transfer them to my Windows 10 PC. When I plug the phone into a USB port it is seen (as a device) by the PC. However, it doesn't show any folders or contents. I realise that this is because the file system is not...
  17. benparker

    Sony Xperia 5 II

    I don't know about you guys but I'm impressed by this phone. Here are some of the specs -6.1” 120Hz FHD+ HDR OLED -Triple 12MP Cameras Primary 24mm Ultrawide 16mm Telephoto 70mm -Real-time Eye AF -8MP Selfie Cam -4K HDR 120fps slow-motion -Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G -8GB + 128GB UFS...
  18. Malevolence

    Video still plays on phone screen when casting to TV with VLC

    It used to switch to display an image of the VLC logo when the video was playing on the TV. I don't know if it's something to do with VLC, something to with Android 10 or if it's a bit of both but now whenever I cast a video to my Samsung TV from my phone (Realme X2) the video still plays on...
  19. Grimley

    Spec me a small cheap android phone.

    OK folks. I want said phone for one reason, The NHS app for tracking the bug! I do have said small android phone, its a 9 year old Sony Experia Arc I use as my work phone. I'm not certain if said app will run on that phone though. I don't want to use my own phone except at weekends when I do...
  20. Mel_P

    Trying to Reinstall Android on a Yoga Tablet

    Hello, My Lenovo Tab 3 Yoga tablet seems to have lost its OS when the battery failed. I have found a file from Lenovo but cannot seem to get the SD card to be recognised when I reboot the tablet into the reinstall window. How should I format the card? Do I just extract the files to the SD...
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