1. els1122

    Building first PC - storage advice?

    Hello, I am building my first PC with the main purpose of using it for 3D Animation (modelling, rigging, animation and a bit of rendering), and a secondary purpose of some gaming and am looking at which components will fit me best. I'm very new to this so have been doing some research and for my...
  2. Klutzsm58

    Help confining workstation /gaming rig

    *configuring Hey all I'd appreciated any advice! I'm going to do fresh install I'm trying to decide on best way how to configure my hard drives My PC is used for gaming and video editing / animation HARD DRIVES AVAILABLE: 1x 1tb m.2 nvme 3x 1tb HDD 1x 128gb ssd 1x 40gb ssd (i have it may as...
  3. Matmatty65

    New 1660 super vs used 1070ti for 3D animation

    Hi all I'm building a budget pc for my step daughter and the 1660 super is closest to my price range for a gpu. The only other thing in this range that's better are used 1070 ti's . Now this pc is being built as she developes her 3d animation skills and I'm not sure what would be better. I know...
  4. krooton

    Netflix Sci-Fi Anthology - Love, Death & Robots

    Binged this over the weekend and felt it was deserving of its own thread. An anothology of animated (and 1 live action) shorts covering various sci-fi concepts and tropes. Even the worst ones (of which there are only a few) are ok, and the good ones are really good! Plenty of swearing...
  5. G_A


    Hi everyone, I want to get a new professional pc workstation (desktop) since my laptop is quite old (2014). I am using Autocad and 3DS MAX with vray for architectural moideling, rendering and animation and gaming. Do you have any build up to recommend? For example should I be looking for a...
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