1. stockhausen

    Best anti-virus software?

    Long, long ago I used to use AVG Free on my PC, then I recommended Norton or McAfee to commercial users. I eventually turned to Kaspersky based on recommendations from seemingly independent sources. I gave that up and went back to AVG when Mossad and the CIA came up with the conspiracy theory...
  2. Alex Adamson

    Malwarebytes seemed to have detected TotalAV as a threat

    So recently I got worries that I had installed a trojan onto my PC and I've been running Windows security and Malwarebytes over and over again. They discovered no threats for a long period of time, until I installed the free version of TotalAV and ran a system check on it, just to be sure. Then...
  3. truewraith

    Whats the best Anti Virus Software please to protect my house PCs?

    trying to work out which software i should buy thats actually good and not a load hype crap and that it will do what it says and protect my home pcs including mine of course ‍ im very grateful for any help or advice on this thanks
  4. kisserik93

    ESET Smart Security vs Kaspersky Internet Security

    Hi! I would like to buy an Antivirus Protection for my PC. My processor: Intel Core i7 4860HQ Memory: 8gb DDR3 I have 512GB SSD. Which is the Right Choice? The Eset Smart Security or The Kaspersky Internet Security 2019? Thank you
  5. TrojanWhore

    Need AV that can be deployed and run silently and remotely

    Hi all, Hoping someone with a little more experience can point me in the right direction! (I put it in the servers and enterprise solutions section as I'm more addressing the IT pro's here, but if it needs to be in the software section, please can a mod move it?) I work for a company who...
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