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  1. WildDogTC (he/him)

    Aorus Master Z690 (LGA 1700) + Liquid Freezer II 360 case recommendation

    I had bought a Meshify 2 for my build but to my dismay I had found out that I couldn't mount the CPU cooler to the motherboard because the back of the case didn't have enough space. I knew that someone here had an issue with the same parts but them alluding to a revision made me think that the...
  2. Z-U

    BSOD with new 64gb RAM....what am I doing wrong?

    Hi all, I wonder if someone can advise me on something...I'm a novice compared to you guys. I have 64gb of Corsair Vengeance LPX....apparently sold as AMD Ryzen-ready or whatever the term was... These dimms are CMK64GX4M2Z4000C18 (ver 3.44 if that's important). Whenever I put them in the...
  3. lab4

    3060 ti Aorus Master - no opencl

    Hey all, Managed to get a 3060ti and actually install it to use rather than sell. Performance for gaming and work is up. However in Novabench, it records no opencl score. I have no idea about the physics behind gpus or how they work, but i feel something is amiss. Prior to this I had an RX...
  4. Z-U

    Gigabyte Aorus Master - chipset cooler stops me using graphics card in the 16x. What are my choices?

    ***IMPORTANT UPDATE*** The opening post of this thread might lead you to believe that Gigabyte 3090 Eagle and Aorus master are not playing nice together - this is not true - they are fine. The problem came from the fact that the motherboard was an "Open Box" product that someone at the retailer...
  5. Tinkers2004

    Z490 Aorus Master with NVME

    Hi, I am thinking of getting the z490 aorus master with 10900k but was wondering if anyone can tell me, when an NVME drive is being used does the PCIe slot get reduced to x8?
  6. Space Monkey

    CPU voltage offset X570 - What is it called in the BIOS?

    Hey, As title really, I've got a 3900X and an Aorus X570 Master motherboard, if I want to set a negative voltage offset, what am I looking for in the BIOS? Thanks :)
  7. Anubis90

    Aorus Master z390 red cpu light, will not post

    Hey guys... Ive been having some really odd things happen lately and I seriously dont know what to do anymore. So about a week ago my desktop stoped working. I tried to power it on and it just kept going on an endless cycle of briefly powering off and trying to power on again. all the led...
  8. Troezar

    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master Owners

    I have noticed there are quite a lot of owners out there so thought it deserved its own thread. Really pleased with mine. On BIOS F10 atm but will be updating to F11 soon. No issues to report so far. I have noticed that some settings can be changed in two different places in the BIOS. Does it...
  9. Skarbd

    Memory options for Aorus Master 2 * 16GB @ 3600

    Hello, So I have been working down the memory tested list provided by Gigabyte for the Aorus Master X570. Now in the list they have tested 4 * 16GB of various sticks, now I am assuming that I could go with that product (the the 2 * 16GB version), since the the 4 * 16 has been tested? The...
  10. ik9000

    Any feedback on these x570 mobo?

    Hi folks, I'm trying to choose between Aorus Master, MSI ACE and MSI unify. I would also have considered Asus crosshair Hero VIII wifi but only two NVMe put me off so currently less keen on that. The AM seems better in sense of 6 sata for more flexibility (albeit 2 of those drop out when 3 NVMe...
  11. Troezar

    Ballistix Sport LT Overclocking

    Thought I'd make a thread to see how people were getting on with this RAM. I have been playing around and have discovered what a deep rabbit hole RAM overclocking is! I've been using DRAM calculator for Ryzen 1.5.1 to get me started and I'm running the below: Ballistix Sport LT -...
  12. Leon Williams

    Stock i9 9900k - Normal speeds?

    Excuse my ignorance as this is all new to me and if this is not the right place to post, apologies and feel free to remove. I recently purchased a bundle from here, consisting of an i9 9900k and the Aorus Master. First time round my system died and would no longer Post, only overclock was XMP...
  13. el-nino

    Z390 AORUS MASTER Issues

    Hi All, I'm having issues with my new build 9900k, Z390 Aorus Master (Upto date BIOS F5, then F6), 32gb 3600mhz 8-Pack T-Force Ram (Using XMP), Zotac 1080 extreme , 960evo SSD, H115i Platinum 280mm . Was using 970 evo but cut it out due to troubleshooting. EVGA Gold Plus 850w psu. I've had 2...
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