arctic xtreme cooler

  1. Christian Collins

    iChill 1080 fans gone wrong

    Has anybody tried replacing the cooler on an iChill 1080 Herculez (or whatever fancy name they've given it)? One of the fans has had it's bearings give out and it's triggered some strange behaviour in the GPU - the other fan now constantly spins at full whack and is reporting 0 RPM on any...
  2. BurnedRope

    Arctic Xtreme Cooler III on MSI Gaming 6GB GTX 980ti - installed but the cooler has a bit of play?

    Hiya, I managed to get the unit installed but the cooling unit has a bit of play. The backplate needs the front plates on to secure but you can't have the front plate on with this cooler so I've only got the backplate secured with the 4 mount screws. I've tightened those as much as I dare but...
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