1. Cadder


    Hi all, We have been looking for a good turntable for a while and would benefit from the knowledge and experience in this forum. We want something with decent quality audio and looks good - a clean solid wood finish would be perfect. Some other notes: We will be listening to a range of records...
  2. preston8452

    Power, Network, Connection, Which one matters the most to you?

    Hi guys, When it comes to sound quality, I've realized there're freaking many factors could affect it, some say the DAC is the paramount thing to be taken care of; some say the speakers are the real crucial part, given that you hear all the sounds from them, there's no certain right or wrong...
  3. Joanne Henderson

    Advice on audio gaming chairs please

    Hi, does anyone know if any of the following 3 audio gaming chairs would work with Linux please? X Rocker Esport Pro Stereo Audio Gaming Chair with Subwoofer X Rocker Esports Pro 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair BraZen Stag Gaming Chair Many thanks in advance for your help
  4. Michael Barrett

    Speaker connection issues

    Hi, I'm having some issues with some speaker connections. I have 2 bookshelf speakers, using speaker cable to connect it to an amplifier. However I also have a passive sub that I would like to connect, does anyone know how to connect these two through one auxiliary output? So far I'm only able...
  5. itm

    Realtek Audio Control no longer working after latest Windows 10 update

    I've been using the Realtek Audio Control app (from the MS Store) for configuring the 5-channel audio on my Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite motherboard. Since the latest Windows update this app seems to have disappeared. When I tried to update it from the MS Store I got an error message. So I rebooted...
  6. UnknownDonut

    What Audiobooks are you listening to ?

    I've just finished listening to the third book in the Dungeon Crawler Carl series by Matt Dinniman. These books have made me laugh so much I'm so glad a came across them, the characters are brilliant, also the narration by Jeff Hays brings so much life to them. I highly recommend!
  7. Henry Paul

    Can I use built-in speakers from one monitor for another monitor?

    Probably a really dumb question and I doubt this is possible but, I have a BENQ EX2780q monitor with built-in speakers and I've recently ordered an LG-gp950 (no built-in speakers). The new monitor doesn't have an optical port (has a headphone jack) and I've heard that connecting external...
  8. RXSyd

    USB Audio Interface support

    Anyone using a dedicated USB audio interface with Linux able to tell me which interface they're using and which driver package they use? I'm doing less and less gaming and more and more development work at home nowadays, so I've been thinking of making the switch from Windows to Ubuntu...
  9. callum2308

    Audio cutting out in games

    Right so im unsure of how to fix this issue, so ill be playing games like valorant, and ill be fine for like 10 minutes but eventually my audio starts cutting out, so i can barely hear the game, and it doesnt stop at all, sometimes when it happens my discord mic stops working for a little while...
  10. callum2308

    Connection issues whilst gaming affecting audio too.

    Right so im unsure of how to fix this issue, so ill be playing games like valorant, and ill be fine for like 10 minutes but eventually my audio starts cutting out, so i can barely hear the game, and it doesnt stop at all, sometimes when it happens my discord mic stops working for a little while...
  11. Darrenx92


    Hi guys im just looking for some help, i recently received my pc. I have noticed that the audio on my front panel is either broken or maybe its a type of headset earphones ive got to use? Ive tried 2 different earphones and a headset, basically the sound, sounds as if its underwater for vocals...
  12. Slinkington

    Audio Files causing Mouse lag

    It seems whenever I open audio files, my mouse becomes unresponsive. I've checked task manager and the processes are fine, it's just the mouse pointer that becomes jittery. This happens when playing a file in something like Groove Music or Windows Media Player, but not from watching YouTube...
  13. FlarmBlarg

    Hopefully Easy Sound Dampening

    Hi all, apologies for the potential repost but there is so many out there that isn't relevant ! My bedroom is next to my parents. There is a solid wall ( thank god it's an old building and not plaster) and they have a massive wardrobe on their side. They sleep with their bedroom door open...
  14. MightyCanary

    Audio setup advice

    Hey, I'm looking for advice on how best to setup my audio for my pc I use a modmic 5 paired with philips fidelio X2s aswell as a 4k LG tv and once IKEA is back ill be setting up my Edifier R1280DBs again. I'm wondering if it's worth purchasing a Schiit fulla 3 to drive my mic and headset...
  15. dude7691

    Anyone know of a way to stream android audio to PC?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to set up a system that allows me to hear android audio over a different wifi network. It's kind of essential I'm able to do this. Alternatively does anyone know of a microphone I could use to stream the audio back to my PC? Wouldn't mind the phone speaker playing a sound as...
  16. Tom Redwood

    Astro A50 Vs Corsair Virtuoso SE

    I currently use the astro A50 but I've seen a lot of good reviews and a lot of content creators using the Corsair Virtuoso SE and saying that they are great. My question is: Are the Corsair Virtuoso as good if not better than the astro A50? Has anybody used both sets? Would be great to hear...
  17. sponelis

    Buzzing/ static noise coming out from headphones - MSI MPG Z390 EDGE AC

    Hi all, Since weekend I have noticed that there is some sort of weird buzzing/static noise coming out of my headphones (like a long beeeep and crackling which changes in intensity), which was not there before. I have built this pc in November 2019. I have tested it with different headphones...
  18. rjnicko_93

    My Complete Setup and Vintage Space

    Hi all, I decided to post a full setup shot with pictures of my collection. I'm a massive fan of collecting all sorts of gear, but mostly its old radios, telephones and cameras. I also love WWII Militara having use to be in a WWII Battle Re-enactment group where we portrayed 82 Airbourn 505th...
  19. Dr Maxhatesu

    Blue Screen of Death and now no sound...?

    Hello, In July, I bought the following laptop: MSI GP73 LEOPARD RE NVIDIA GTX 1060, 16GB, 17.3" FHD 120Hz, i7-8750H Gaming Laptop On 26/10/19 At around 6pm It Blue Screened on me whilst watching Netflix. It reached 100% on it's recovery process for over an hour. I chose to boot down the...
  20. sehcure

    Having some frustrating sound issues.

    Long time user of OC - built this PC with it..phew back in 2010 or so, and thought you talented guys and girls could help out. I currently have a two monitor setup- one BenQGL2450, and another 'Television' monitor. Issue: -Television 'monitor' is being used for audio, but is VERY tinny. -Found...
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