1. MartinPCGod

    Can someone help advise me install and sync my RGB components?

    Hi everyone. I'm currently building a desktop using a combination of Asus and Gigabyte AORUS hardware and I have a couple of questions regarding which connectors to use and to which header (4 pin Aura or 3 pin addressable) and how to sync them all using both Aura sync and RGB Fusion 2 software...
  2. Steven Hughes

    MasterFan 120mm RGB Colours Stuck

    Hello everyone, So I've installed these new fans as I've listed above and i was changing colours using the asus aura sync software just to see what ones were best. In doing this the front 2 fans have stuck on white and no matter what i do I can't get them to go any other colour. The top 2 fans...
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