av receiver

  1. qbazdz

    Spec me AV receiver

    So, I'm hoping to get a bit of advise from the hi-fi experts. I currently have an old Yamaha HTR-3065 AVR paired up with the 5.1 set of speakers (4x 20W sats, 30W center, 50W sub). This has been perfect for my needs, even though fairly basic setup. I'm about to purchase a 4K TV (LZ980B or C2 or...
  2. Super Nashwan

    4k TV but not 4K AV Receiver

    Finally upgraded by TV from my faithful Pioneer Kuro (yes I'm old) to try the wonders of 4k gaming. However I have spent a small fortune to upgrade the PC, new centre speaker and buy an LG Oled. 4k AV receiver is therefore off the cards for a bit. SPDIF out was fine for desktop but is only 2...
  3. ssmacc

    Switch speaker location? 5.1 (Front right to rear right etc)

    Hello All, My brother-in-law is looking at getting a home theatre set up (I've asked in another thread about AV Receiver / speaker recommendations). However, I've just found out he want his TV and Projector in different places. Is there a way to easily switch speakers i.e. the front right...
  4. BristolBEAT

    AV Receiver Advice

    New the PC Building game. It's really fun picking all the parts out yourself. One question. I currently have an Pioneer AV Receiver with 5.1 speakers. My Xbox and Switch run on different HDMI INs and then HDMI out to my TV. I'd simply like to add my PC but it's proving a head scratcher. Once...
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