bent pins

  1. Bigem

    RTX 3080 : bent pin in the power connector and lower Time Spy scores

    Hey everyone, I got my brand new Gigabyte RTX 3080 Gaming OC a month ago and found out when replacing my older GPU, that it has a bent pin on one of the two 8-pin power connectors, as reported by many others 3080 owners (especially Gigabyte). Considering that I live in Morocco and therefore...
  2. Moose_attack

    new £££ Computer crashing in game and windows question

    Hi all, I have bent pins in my LGA 1151 socket. However computer boots, windows installs and can even game for a bit before getting crashes. It passes Cinebench and Prime95 on 30 min stress tests. My questions is: "Can a motherboard with bent pins still pass these tests but still be the...
  3. No1spank

    Where do I stand with bent pins on RMA mobo?

    I recently bough a Gigabyte Aurus Gaming 7 & a i7 8700K. After owning a Z270 Apex I wasn't happy with the board especially as I couldn't run my 8 pack signature Team Group memory at over 3900mhz due to the board not being able to set some of the secondary timings loose enough. The board is a...
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