black ops

  1. merlin6r

    Black Ops Cold War Open Beta

    So the Black Ops Cold War Beta is open to all from 6pm tonight, no need to pre-order, can preload now. Anyone fancy teaming up with a couple of us for some team play? We're all over 30, so adults only. We have a discord server for team chat, or we could use in game chat. Any skill level...
  2. Disco_P

    Call of Duty 17: Black Ops Cold War

    Came Out 13 November 2020. Teaser: Reveal: Launch: PC Features:
  3. Supra-MD

    BSOD Troubleshooting since Vega 64 upgrade

    I was posting in the Graphics Card subforum initially as I thought it would be entirely GPU related, but I'm not sure now so I've moved it here. I'll copy/paste my initial post: Got a NITRO+ a few months ago, and I've been getting BSODs, particularly on Black Ops 4 but it can happen on the...
  4. NikTheSHNIK


    Hi all, ASUS have partnered up with Activision for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and we've got the exclusive on the ASUS COD Black Ops 4 Peripherals! I'm not one usually for tie-ins but I thought these looked tasty, and from what I watched of The Doc playing Black Ops 4 is looking like it's a...
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