black screen crash death

  1. mhbucky

    Help! - Fans spin at full speed, display goes black - RTX 2070 S

    Hi, I bought a brand new computer for the first month everything was great but since 9th November 2020 - my pc will RANDOMLY kick the fans up to 100% speed and the display will just cut - and black screen will come. The only thing I can do is force power off, and start PC again - losing all...
  2. Mr Craig A Meaney

    pc crashes while playing games.. screen turns black and wont turn off

    hi.. so i recently build a new pc for myself but now when playing certain games my pc just goeas black.. all the fans and lights turn off and i cannot turn the pc off with the power button.. i have to do this on the mains it was crashing on world of warcraft untill i turned the graphics...
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