1. pemicx

    Unknown callers not blocked but NHS calls not getting through

    Yesterday I missed an important NHS consultation: I received no phone call but they say they called. My Android phone settings has no Blocked Numbers, and the setting to 'Block calls from unidentified callers' has always been turned off. Lebara, my network provider, tell me they don’t block any...
  2. Kirtis Jones

    Bykski or AlphaCool GPU Blocks

    Hi All, I am trying to get a waterblock for a Sapphire RX6800XT Nitro+ I have two choices Bykski for £122 AlphaCool for £129 Please can you advise which one would be better quality wise. The Bykski one is from Ali Express The AlphaCool is from AlphaCool direct. Please advise me on this
  3. Murren

    What email provider - 100% block address?

    Is there an email service provider that allows you to 100% block an incoming email address? So no being sent to a spam or deleted folder, and no notification.
  4. PenguinLover

    Can ISPs block one device (my PC) from the internet?

    I am currently on Virgin Media and would like to know if they can block one device from the internet without any others being disconnected.
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