1. petridish

    Spec Me - Bluetooth Speaker

    Hello all, Had a quick search but couldn't find what I was looking for so apologies if this is a common ask. I'm after a reasonable quality Bluetooth speaker for around the house / garden which is a step up from the cheap things people often take to the park. I had been drawn towards the...
  2. Blueyoshi03

    Confused on Bluetooth wireless headphones

    So I want to buy a high-end pair of wireless headphones like the Sony XM3's or Nuraphones, but these type of headphones seem to want to be wired into a PC if your not using the phone app. However this is where I begin to get a little confused and have questions. I already have a soundcard which...
  3. Bloodrayne

    Bluetooth adapter for Sony Bravia KDL-42w805

    Hi all, I have a seven year old Sony TV that lacks Bluetooth and means I cannot easily ping videos from my iPhone to the screen (I can within Youtube, but not when using Facebook videos or in-app stuff). I don't have AppleTV or any additions, but wondered if there was a bluetooth adapter...
  4. ssmacc

    Cheap Bluetooth Earphones / Buds

    I'm about to step into the world of Bluetooth Earphones (Buds? to pair with my Note 10 plus). I'm not willing to three figures at this stage. I've read some recommendations for a cheap pair on this site but can't find it now. Can anyone recommend me a pair? Obviously cheaper the better but...

    Need help buying wireless headset

    Hi all, I'm looking for help buying a new wireless headset, I currently have a Jabra Evolve 65 which I mainly use for work (Office and Work) and occasionally as headphones from iPad whilst traveling. The setup works great as the connection is Bluetooth and uses a tiny dongle in my work PC and...
  6. parityboy

    Android, Bluetooth Calls & A Desktop Mic

    I have my phone (Nokia 7 Plus) paired with my desktop machine (which runs the latest KDE Neon) via Bluetooth. I can use the media controls on the desktop to control the YouTube app (and I presume others such VLC) on the phone and I can hear the audio as it is routed from the phone to the desktop...
  7. wakou222

    LG PK7 Bluetooth Speaker

    Hi Folks! Firstly, I never could have imagined posting here. I am not an "audiophile" nor a muso. I drive a van for a living but without R4, R4Extra, R6, and various other podcasts and broadcasts, I would have driven in to a bridge support years ago. So, recently I decided to treat myself to one...
  8. Wisso40

    Can I use Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 (7265NGW) adaptor in a desktop with an PCIe interface?

    I have a spare Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 (7265NGW) from a laptop. I'm wondering whether I can use it in my desktop (MB: MSI Z97 PC Mate) as a wireless/Bluetooth adaptor. In order to do that: Question 1. Can I use it directly on the MSI Z97 PC Mate which has a PCI slot, I guess...
  9. Razorized

    Wireless headphones that support AAC?

    Recently, I've been looking for quality-sounding Bluetooth headphones and reading reviews on wireless headphones. I came across MajorHifi and I saw their review on the Sennheiser PXC 550. They seemed perfect for me, but after more research I realised that they only supported AptX (I own an...
  10. VarcharSk

    Bluetooth on Bootcamp Macbook Pro 2016/17

    Hi Guys, After investigation of the bluetooth drivers in windows I have seen that Apple did not write a driver for the 2016/17 Macbook Pro's Broadcomm unit . This means that if you are trying to use a bluetooth headset the microphone will not appear under recording devices menu, also if you...

    The best bluetooth headphones markets offer?

    Dear fellow sound lovers, So yes, that´s the question. Budget, maybe few hundred quids. Thanks in advance, gamblingbulldog
  12. silvagti

    Recommend me a pair of bluetooth earphones for ~£50

    I'm still using wired sennheiser earphones but I'd like to move to something wireless for convenience. I've previously tried a pair of the cheapo MPow bluetooth earphones from Amazon but I found them really uncomfortable due to the weight in the ear and that stabiliser thing was incredibly...
  13. greedy123

    Bluetooth not working properly since windows update

    I've got a set of bluetooth headphones connected via a USB bluetooth dongle (EkoBuy Bluetooth 4.0 - top seller on the jungle) on my desktop. They worked perfectly up until windows 10 did an update this week. Now when using the headphones, the sound drops constantly to give a stuttering effect...