1. James Peach

    Bend in the boiler pipe without a handshake of carbon monoxide?

    The plumber didn't seem to think so. What do you think? Video best way to explain:
  2. AndrewLivingstone

    Radiator heats up when hot water is on and heating is off

    I've a weird issue. I've old vented cylinder boiler. One of the radiator, nearest to the cylinder, heats up when only hot water is on, heating is off. Not sure why only one radiator is heating why not all of them heat up? I got the 3 port valve and pump replaced but problem persists. I'm not...
  3. KhloeDale1305

    ECO it worth it?

    I was wondering if another had any experience applying for the ECO UK government boiler scheme? I'm trying to see if we're eligible but wasn't sure whether to try doing it independently or whether it was worth going through a company, like GTES? They seem to do the application and installation...
  4. LeeW32

    Boiler not reaching temp

    Hi all, just moved house. Boiler is a glow worm 25r 4 years old. It's not a combi (ie we have a hot water tank and tanks in the vented?). Anyway, with the thermostat turned up (eg something like 24c for my experiment), I've watched the heating water temperature on the front...
  5. Tysonator

    Boiler Spare Parts !

    Boiler Fan Bearings. Hi, my boiler has been playing up for a few years now and I believe I have isolated the problem. Which I believe is the fan bearings attached to the fan shaft. The problem is because the boiler is so old there are no spare parts available and therefore it will be a NEW...
  6. MG123

    Replacing Air Source Heat Pump

    Hi, I'm looking to replace my Daikin air source system as the outside heat pump has broken and can't be repaired. To keep the system will costs upwards of 7k. So I'm wondering if anyone knows if I can replace the indoor unit with an electric boiler. I'd keep the fan coils from the air source so...
  7. Tintern21

    Drayton Wiser TRVs advice please

    Hiya I have a Combi boiler, no room thermostat or separate heating control just control rad on boiler switch with Drayton TRVs on each rad. Can I replace the TRVs with Drayton wiser TRVs without a hub and control with smart phone to avoid buying the whole kit. Many thanks from a newbie
  8. rexehuk

    Boilers... Hot water... What are best options

    I'm currently redoing a town house, as part of this we're turning the main bathroom into a wet room with thermostatic shower (high pressure would be nice). Currently, we have a Valiant ecoTEC Plus 418, with an indirect 117 litre cylinder. Both of these are located on the ground floor, part of a...