boot failue

  1. captaingraviton

    SOLVED! --- Help! No BIOS, no Boot (Motherboard Error -- A2 Code)

    Hey Friends, I've had my Overclockers PC for nearly five years now, it's been fantastic. Today though, I went to boot it up and it "sounded" normal, it still sounds like it's running fine, except there was no BIOS or splash screen and the screen is black. The monitor notified me it was going...
  2. SemperFitz

    Win 7 boot fail

    Hi All I have a toshiba satellite c660 that refused to boot with the message 'boot failed', i managed to boot from USB and repair the boot up and got a working laptop again, however, when i restarted i got the same message and no boot up. Any ideas why this would happen? TIA
  3. baardie

    PC not booting

    Hey all, Bought a few parts from here and built it but is doesn't seem to be booting up. My h100i spins up, fans on case turn on, can feel hdd vibrating but the gpu fan doesn't turn on but the leds in the gpu turn on. I bought these new: iCue 220T Case Corsair Hydro Series H100i Platinum SE...
  4. Corne

    New Build failing to boot - constant RED CPU light - gigabyts mobo

    Hi Everyone really looking for some assistance please. (Hope this is the right place to post) I bought a whole new setup listed below: Mobo - Gigabyte x570 Aorus Ultra Cpu - AMD Ryzen 7 3800x RAM - vengeance pro 2×8GB 3200MHz PSU - Corsair HX750 SSD - NVMe - Aorus 512GB The graphic card is...
  5. 25zerotwo

    Issue with an old OC bundle.

    Morning folks, calling in a solid favour. Apologies if this is the wrong section, but felt it was close enough. Cutting to the chase, I have an old (lets not worry about that) "Gigabyte Magma Z97" i7 4790K @ 4.50GHz Overclocked Enthusiast Bundle. I also have a Gigabyte NVIDIA GTX 970 G1 Gaming...
  6. Benadiction

    Please help!

    Motherboard – ROG Strix X99 Gaming Boot device – Samsung 256gb 950 Pro M.2 Storage SSD – Samsung 2TB 860 Evo RAM – 32gb TridentZ 3200Mhz VGA – Asus Strix 2080ti CPU - 6900k PSU – EVGA Supernova 1000 P2 Honestly I'm stumped, PC has worked without any issues for a couple of years now. I left it...
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