1. Space Monkey

    Do Cherry MX Brown switches feel the same as Reds apart from the 'bump'?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find a decent mechanical keyboard and I'm partially to Blues & Blacks but I've seen a couple of good deals with MX Browns, my main concern is that Browns are listed as being the same actuation as Reds and I hate Reds! far too light for me, does anyone have any experience...
  2. killerval

    Test a Cherry MX Brown Keyboard in Midlands, UK

    Hi all, Looking to buy a Cherry Brown keyboard (CM Masterkeys Pro L) but never tried the switches. Can't find a store near me that stocks one either. Anyone on here got one that I can poke to see if I like it? Or know of somewhere that may stock something like this? I'm in Rugby, UK. Probs...
  3. Big McCann

    Noctua Colour Alternative

    I am currently going to be purchasing a Noctua NH-L9i low profile CPU cooler for a small form factor build. But the i am not impressed by the colours of the fan. I do however like the other black industrial fans noctua have, though are there any slim versions available?
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