1. kvrier

    Short cracking noise when flipping the switch off

    Hi, this is a story why you should get enough sleep before messing with hardware. PSU: Kolink Continuum 1200 W Platinium 80+ I disassembled my PC for cleaning, after putting it back I forgot to connect 10 pin to the PSU. (as shown in the picture). In other words, 18 pin alone was connected...
  2. tsomerville93

    Electrical buzz when PC and monitor connected on the same circuit

    Hi folks, I've got a bit of a bizarre problem. I've just built a new system but retained the PSU, SSDs and screen from my old build. The system works perfectly albeit for a high-pitched buzz (not dissimilar to coil whine; sounds like crickets in the night) coming from the PSU and the monitor's...
  3. Joshua Falls

    Microphone Buzz/Hum Help

    Hi There, Ive just started using my AMD Gaming PC again and updated it to Windows 10, I have my Bose Companions plugged into the Speaker/Headphone input at the rear and a Microphone plugged into the Mic port on the back of my Gigabyte Motherboard, now the sound is crystal clear when listening...
  4. Kashim

    Buzzing issue with new PSUs

    So this is a weird one but any input will be appreciated. I'm having a repeat issue of buzzing being emitted by any PSU I stick into my desktop. I've gone through 3 Corsair RM1000x PSUs with each one emitting a buzzing sound, the first one only produced a notable buzz after two weeks (which...
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