1. simmotech

    Connecting existing house Ethernet cabling

    I’ve just moved into a new house (new to me, it’s about 11 years old) and noticed that each room has a network faceplate (RJ45). Nice surprise! I then noticed 7 unterminated Cat 5e cables next to the distribution panel in the garage. Here’s what I plan to do. Could you please tell me whether I...
  2. itm

    Cable management for long cables over short distances?

    I've decided to have my (small) home office refitted, and am looking for a way of simplifying my extreme cabling situation. Looking at power cables alone I have counted 36 devices which are currently plugged into sockets. The associated power cables are currently cohabiting, with the usual...
  3. Mina93

    Can I convert this line to ethernet?

    I just moved into a new property. It has an ethernet connection in the wall upstairs, but no ethernet connection in the walls anywhere downstairs. So I was wondering, can I convert this line to an ethernet one? Please see the links attached for the pictures. I couldn't imbed the pictures...
  4. Mike Calvert

    Cat6 Module wiring

    Hi Folks, Hope you are all having a good Sunday morning. We have just bought a new build house, which has been wired up with Cat6 cable for us. The switch will be under the stairs and I need to terminate the cables there. The wall modules have all been wired up already though. However, when I...
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