1. Quartz

    Can you link an entry in Google Calendar with GMail emails?

    I have various emails relating to an event in my Google Calendar. Can I create links in the Calendar entry to emails in GMail? How do I do it?
  2. jas72

    best calendar app for Iphone and android

    I folks I'm a recent convert from Apple to Samsung. We are a family of three and now my son and I have samsung and the wife has iphone. For some reason beyond me I cannot get the google calendar to sync across I've tried the method found on google by andriodauthority and while it sync items...
  3. Kainz

    Google Calendar App past events

    Hopefully someone can clear this up for me as I find it very odd. Like most, I use Google calendar and rely on it heavily. I primarily use the Web version and sync it up with my S8+ and the EventFlow widget. On my phone earlier I decided to go back in time to 2016 in order to check some...
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