1. BigBoy

    Best Bang for Buck Android phone UNDER £200

    As title, what can you find for under £200, Android phone, sim free, 128GB Storage with minimum 4GB ram. Currently eyeing up the Motorola g30 4/128gb @£149 on Amazon It for my 16 year old daughter that is not a must be the best want want want type of girl (you know what I mean!) :D Its also...
  2. Mollari

    Cheapest possible CPU&mobo combination for gaming

    Hi!" As the title says, this will be a budget build. I'm building a new PC for my friends kids and, what I have now ready is plenty of DDR4 memory, PSU, case and a GPU ( GTX1070ti ) and an older SSD. So the question is, should I start looking Intel or AMD processor now for budget gaming? What...
  3. Dave W

    Dirt cheap laptop (refurb) for 8 year old?

    Hi all, Sort of thinking of getting our 8 year old a refurbished laptop for Christmas - it's what Jesus would have wanted. 10 year old has the ASUS E406 which I think you can still get for £200. Ideally looking for something comparable. Ideally; 14" screen SSD Proper Windows - No...
  4. verycheap

    Finding A Motherboard for an i7 2600 cpu?

    I'm using a very old PC that has many issues: .i7 2600 CPU .GTX 750 ti GPU .8GB ddr3 (4 X 2GB) .100GB SSD .500GB HDD I mainly use it for playing older titles and strategy games. I'm on a tight budget and can't justify spending much on gaming. I was planning on replacing the motherboard and...
  5. Grimley

    Spec me a small cheap android phone.

    OK folks. I want said phone for one reason, The NHS app for tracking the bug! I do have said small android phone, its a 9 year old Sony Experia Arc I use as my work phone. I'm not certain if said app will run on that phone though. I don't want to use my own phone except at weekends when I do...
  6. Hussain

    Used Fiesta 1.5k to 2 k budget suggestion please

    New in the country looking for used car in london using it for packages delivery or sales Cheap to insure Cheap tax Cheap to maintian
  7. randompunk

    Recommendations for a Printer to Print Address Labels

    Hi All, Would anyone be able to advise me on a good all round printer that is efficient on ink and that is capable to print on adhesive labels that would be used as address labels. This is for office needs not home use. Thanks in advance, Lee
  8. Illuminist

    Help spec me a first car £2000

    Hi there, Looking for a second hand car but could do with some experienced views in what make? I have never needed a car until now as I have a first child, so just trained and I can walk to work. Needs 4 doors for baby, I've been looking at honda civics 2007,2008 as I heard they are decent...
  9. ssmacc

    Cheap Bluetooth Earphones / Buds

    I'm about to step into the world of Bluetooth Earphones (Buds? to pair with my Note 10 plus). I'm not willing to three figures at this stage. I've read some recommendations for a cheap pair on this site but can't find it now. Can anyone recommend me a pair? Obviously cheaper the better but...
  10. SkeeterUK

    Learning to drive atm and wondering about what car to get later if i pass

    Hi all. Ive been learning to drive since about april i think now and even tho its late ive just passed my theory test first time, woohoo, and with having a 4hr intro lesson and 2 sets of 10hr and half way through my 3rd set of 10hrs i am hoping that i can do my practical test soonish tho with...
  11. KSBx

    New Build Advice

    I currently have a pc, that originally was a pre-built, but I have since upgraded the CPU and GPU. I however feel like its time to build a new PC as I want better FPS for gaming and faster boot times. I am definitely looking for an SSD in a build and want preferably above 8gb of ram. My...
  12. MrMarvelous

    Spec me a motor! (Details inside)

    Looking to downsize from my current Audi A4 2.0 TDi to something a bit smaller, cheaper and economical. I'm open to all suggestions and input. My criteria is as follows: £3,500 budget 4/5 door Diesel 1.8L or smaller Economical/reliable So far i've been looking at the following vehicles...
  13. 4K8KW10

    Lada Vesta?

    So, I see very good deals for brand new cars: one is 20 km and price goes €11,450...
  14. Shayaaan

    Cheap Gaming Laptop

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a cheap laptop that can handle CS:GO at stable 100fps. My budged is around £300-350. Someone recommended HP 8570w Elitebook what's your thoughts? What would you recommend? Thank you in advance for help :)
  15. Jfan

    I want an RTX Addon Card!

    I think it would be a good idea for nvidia, to make a addon card that handles RTX seperatly, so we could get support for raytracing on the cards we have atm If the 2080 are not going to be a massive leap performance wise on the 1080ti, I think i'd rather stick with what I have, and get support...
  16. Nokinoki

    Why offer cheap deals?

    I'm thinking about buying Samsung galaxy s9 by The question is can they be trusted? The thing is that they offer Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB Black with Vodaphone for only £30 which includes unlimited text, min and 16 GB DATA. (+£125 upfront cost) It sounds awkward to me since...
  17. Martyrich2

    What would work for about £700 - some gaming and editing?

    £659 Refurbished Asus FX553 Core I5-7300HQ 8GB 1TB + 128GB SSD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 15.6 Inch Windows 10 Gaming Laptop Is this the best I could do for £700? I am worried it may be heavy with an optical drive inside - but is this the limit of what I can get for power at this price? I am...
  18. Vinvi

    Budget laptop for World of Warcraft for a poor student

    Ok, hello guys, I was introduced to that forum by some nice guy on the official wow forum. I made a thread there about my search for a good used laptop that can handle wow. I ve thrown all my thoughts there, so am gonna copy the post for the convience, sorry for that, but its quite much...
  19. Aaron777

    i need help building a pc.

    hey guys this is austin, i have a £400 budget someone help me build a gaming pc, i want to run games like pubg and golf with your friends.
  20. CottonEyedJoel

    Looking for Advice for £ - ££ price upgrade to play PUGB

    Hi guys, First time posting on here just wanted advice on upgrade my PC Rig, I main play CSGO full time and im wanting to start playing PUBG was wonder what advice you guys could off, My Rig so Far: CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-Core Processor RAM: 12GB Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series...